Thursday, June 28, 2012

32 weeks and counting...

Well here we are and wow how the time has gone by. We have been staying pretty busy and I have been getting super tired so usually the blog is the last thing on my mind. This week I hit the 32 week mark for my pregnancy with these twins. At the doctor I measured 37 weeks and they both weighed 4 lbs!!! Baby A which will come out first is butt down so I am hoping she decides to turn herself around soon!!! It is one for the record books for sure as we had a 5 day stretch of 100 degree days or more!!! That has been interesting trying to survive the heat, entertain the children, and not get too worn out chasing them around too. We are super sad for Colorado and all of the wildfires that are burning so big and so close to so many people. We are praying and hoping for a nice rain spell!!! 

Some of the things we have done are
.... "Babymoon" trip to San Francisco, just Tim and Amanda
.... Family trip to Estes Park for the weekend
..... Tim has traveled to WY for work a few times
....  Lots of swimming at the rec center, including me taking a prenatal swim class which I love!
.... Tim's annual memorial day bike ride/ brew tour with college buddies
.... Tim replaced a section of fence in the backyard (during previously mentioned heat wave) and painted the kids' room downstairs so they can move in this weekend :-)
.... Celebrated Tim's dad turning 60!!!
.... Mother's Day! I have the best husband how bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer!!!
.... Father's Day! He got a new grill!!!
.... Finished off the school year and preschool with Shyler
.... and growing 2 babies!!!

So the pictures I don't think uploaded in any special order, but here you go!

Adam and a little flour mishap with the kitchen aid
 Silly Girls! Posing for the camera for their last week of school!
 A month ago at 28 weeks
 Huffin' and puffin, Having a great surprise party at Dave and Buster's
 Princess Shyler after her beautiful face painting at a friends birthday party
 Watching him cut and wrap the famous Estes Park taffy 
 Our cabin, Coleman, at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park
 Chowing down on some S'mores
 Hiking away and enjoying RMNP
 Our first stop at Nymph Lake
 Stopping for the camera at a cool little waterfall 
 We loved hiking with the Haun's!
At the top of Trail Ridge Rd

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vercfamily said...

You look great, girlie! Sounds like a fun couple of months. xoxo