Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This one has been coming for a long time.

Okay so I hope people are still checking on this blog. I don't blame you if you have given up on me since I haven't written for close to three months. As I hope you can figure out I have been very busy for the past few months, both because of school and my own doing.

Here are the highlights of my life for the past few months. School has been very good for me this past semester. I will admit I thought it would be a terrible semester but I have been able to make it through pretty well. I have had a lab where I have had to write three reports with the smallest one being about 20 pages. My other classes seem to be going very well. On two of my tests I have done very well so I am very happy about that. Other than that I have also begun my honors thesis project. I will be doing research in acid mine drainage. I will be looking at one of the processes to treat it a little more closley that it has been in the past. Iwill not bore you with all the details.

Amanda has been doing very well over the past few months. She is doing an internship at an elementary school working with kids and helping them with their health and wellness. She has also been doing track since January. She did well in the indoor season. She never hit the marks she did last year but she did well enough to win a number of meets and take thrid in the confrence. The highlight had to have been the girls team winning the Mountain West Championship by one point over BYU. This was the first time BYU has lost since the MWC began. Although no one knows it at CSU, there is one team that has won a championship, more than the football and basketball teams can say. She is now far into the outdoor season and doing much better than she has been doing. She has qualified for the regional meet and hopes to go to nationals. She will also be graduating in May.

Although I have been busy with school and all I have had some fun. I have been able to go skiing a number of times. The best had to have been over spring break where we went to Copper for two days and stayed in Silverthorne. It was so nice not to have to drive home after skiing. The first day skiing it snowed all day so the snow was good but conditions were not ideal. The next days was great. The weather was beautiful and the snow awesome. The highlight of the day was going up yhe snow cat and skiing Tucker Mountain. It was a long hike but the snow was amazing. Probably my best day skiing all year. Other than skiing I also made a quick trip to Albequrque NM to watch the indoor confrence track meet and see the girls win the championship.

Similar to Dunham I have been doing job searching for the summer. Unfourtunatly I do not have people banging down the door to hire me but it has been a good search. After attending numerous job fair I have been contacted by two companies. I have had two phone interviews with Amgen, a pharmecuetical company in Boulder. I have an on campus interview next week. I also applied for an internship with Boulder Scientific in Mead and I had an interview with them last week. I have already recieved an offer from them so now I will see if I get anything from Amgen and then make a decision.

I am sorry this has been long and random but hopefully it helps update everyone on what I am doing. I will try and post more often and I will keep everyone up to date on my job search.