Monday, November 16, 2009

Not much news

So not much is new with us. Baby boy is getting so big in my tummy and as always during every stage of your pregnancy, I feel huge!!! He kicks all the time and sometimes I think I'm going to have a bruise from all of his hard kicks! Only 11 weeks left and with Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the fun stuff in between these next 11 weeks are going to fly by. Next week we will have more exciting news as we get a 30 week ultrasound to check a spot on his head. We hope to see that he is getting so big and is doing great!

Here I am last week at 28 weeks
Here I am at 28 weeks with Shyler, I think I'm a lot bigger already!!

We are excited to spend Thanksgiving with Amanda's family in Fort Collins and then go out with all of the crazies and go shopping!! It will be a fun next week! You'd think I would have a picture of Shyler to put up here at least, but we keep forgetting. Most likely it would be one of her newest fashion trends, don't worry, I'm sure there will be many more to come!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Happy Halloween for real

Luckily this was not how we had to spend Halloween. Just a few days before! She looks so cold in this picture. We tried to play in the snow, but when she won't wear her gloves the snow can be pretty cold.

She did like how I showed her she could kick the snow off with the side of the house, but that's about all she liked.

Like many of our friends we also got a little cabin fever. I was going crazy! I got her to sit still, sort of, long enough to try out two french braids in her hair. I was pretty excited I could actually do it and she has hair long enough already!

Now that Halloween has come and gone we are thinking that it is one of Shyler's favorite times of the year. She loved the trunk or treating that we did and her favorite candy is a lollipop! She was really good at finding them and unwrapping them. On Halloween night we were with Tim's sister Jeannette at their ward trunk or treat and she kept appearing with a new sucker, I think she had like 5 in that one night! Silly girl!

Here she is ready to go! She liked wearing her costume for the most part and when she didn't want to wear it Tim just told her she was going to get candy so she had to put it on and she listened.

After it was all said and done, she LOVED her loot! She of course found a sucker and opened it up after she dumped out the entire contents of her bucket on the kitchen floor

This is what happens when daddy is in charge and you have a very independent toddler. This is how Shyler woke up to me this morning. Polka dot footie pajamas, her blue stripped shirt that she now loves because it is blue and, please note the next picture, her elmo socks! Apparently she insisted on the sock picture as well during her photo shoot last night. She loves taking pictures now and after you click she says, " see, see, shyler see"

This is Lindsey, I get to watch her once or twice a week and her and Shyler are only a month apart. Today they were trying out Fruit Loop necklaces. (Thanks Dre for the idea) They both loved them. Not so good at the construction part of the project but they liked eating it. Lindsey had already gobbled hers up by the time I got the camera and was happy to just munch away.

But here is Shyler loving her fruity edible necklace