Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Shyler!!!

Last week was Shyler's 3rd birthday. Her golden birthday, she was 3 on 3-3!!!
Of course she is obsessed with princesses and so she got a pink cake with pink frosting and princesses!
So now I officially have a 1 and 3 year old and they keep me on my toes. We stay busy cleaning the house, doing puzzles, coloring, eating, going to the park and spending time with Tim when he gets home from work. We also try to run. Normally I push them in our Burley bike trailer that converts to a stroller, but it was a little rough when that had a flat and I had to push them in the regular double stroller! Yuck, now it's better, but I still enjoy the days I get to run alone, like Saturdays and some Fridays when Tim is home. I have to keep training because we are determined to run the Boulder Boulder this year! Our first 10K!!!!
I don't get much alone time these days since Shyler either doesn't nap or they are on the opposite schedules. And if I throw in doing Young Women's at church I really have none since I want to see Tim and spend time with him at night. So blogging and emailing and facebook is limited, unless it's a day like to today when they are running around and I am ignoring them. They are mostly playing nice though chasing each other from their room to mine... oh the fun of having 2 kids!!! Luckily when Adam does nap I can do a little bit more and some days Shyler gets to watch a show so I can get some sanity :-)

The cake we had on Sunday at her family party. I didn't want a whole cake for just the four of us to eat on Thursday so she just got one on Sunday!

On Thursday she had some friends over from church including Kiersten who shares the same birthday and was even born at the same hospital as Shyler, so these two are only hours apart!!

Shyler got some roller skates from Grandma and Grandpa so she got to try them out in the kitchen since it was only 30 degrees out on Monday.

When we sang to her on Sunday she decided to be shy and hide her face... silly girl
She loved opening presents and insisted that her cousin help her unwrap. Ethan liked the extra paper too.
She got a cabbage patch doll from her great grandma irwin for her first Christmas but we saved it for her birthday this year so we could tell her it was a special doll. It is really cool too because it actually has her same birthday on the birth certificate! She also loves the brush, blow dryer, curlers and curling iron that she got to pretend with also!

S0me of the princesses that were at her princesses tea party! They all came dressed up and of course Shyler was Sleeping Beauty!
Sorry the pics are all out of order, I just didn't feel like fixing them since I uploaded them out of order.
Now that Christmas and all of our birthdays are over we feel like life may calm down a little so we are excited for that! Now it's just fun time!