Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Spring Semester.....begin

So today is the second day of the semester and things are looking pretty good for me. I know that the classes coming up will be tough and require a lot of time but I am looking forward to them. I have classes in heat transfer, reactor design and circuits. I have a lab as well. I really hope I can learn a great deal in them. Along with doing well in school this semester I also have the goal to find an internship for this coming summer. I have spent a great deal of time working on my resume and hopefully it will pay off.

I had a great break. As my previous posting mentioned I traveled to San Antonio for my brother-in-law's wedding. Since then I also traveled to Jackson, WY to do some skiing and attended my sister's wedding.

While I was in WY I skied at the big resort in Jackson and loved every minute of it!! The week peceeding they received 3 feet of new snow which made for great conditions. The morning was warm followed by a snow storm in the afternoon. The one thing that surprised me about the resort was 1st there were no lines like the CO resorts, the most I waited had to of been 5 minutes and this was on a Saturday!! Also I had no idea how step the resort was. On some of our blue warm up runs were steeper than some black runs in CO. I have a good story about sliding down head first for quite a while down the slope. If anyone knows about Jackson Hole they have a tram that takes you to the top of the resort. We didn't get up there until after lunch so there was a lot of blowing snow and it was really hard to see on the top of the mountain but it was a blast coming down. If anyone has a chance to ski there do it!!

My sister's wedding we also great, there was only one drawback, its timing. It took place right in the middle of the Broncos first playoff game. I was very disappointed to not be able to see the game but thank goodness for TiVo and no one saying anything at the wedding I was able to see the game minus the commercials at 10:45 that evening and celebrate the Broncos victory. I have had a great break and am ready to get back to school.