Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Birthday to our little guy!!!

On Wed Adam turned one!!!
We are so excited to be able to celebrate his birthday! He is such a fun little guy who is such a boy and so in turn has been a completely different child than his sister, which is becoming more and more apparent as he gets older.
We are excited to have his family party on sunday and so naturally he gets a football super bowl themed party! WooHoo.
On his actual birthday we didn't do too much since it was super cold out and not even above 0 degrees outside. He got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner, which are becoming some of his favorite meals, and a cupcake for dessert! He was not a fan of the frosting which I wasn't surprised about that since he woke up from his nap while Shyler and I were decorating them that morning and he didn't like the stickiness on his fingers, but unlike Shyler he actually got over the frosting and ate the cupcake and I'm pretty sure would have had another if we gave it to him.
I feel like he eats a ton, and for the last month has only been on table foods since he firmly but an end to his pureed baby food days. But after his visit to the doctor he is no where near where I thought he would be on the charts. He was 20 lbs 5 oz and was in the 10-25%. He is not quite the string bean as Shyler was and was average in height at 30 in. I have to remember that he is walking all over the house and climbing up and down our stairs and all over our furniture burning tons of calories. His newest favs also include the couch and Shyler's baby doll stroller... boys boys boys.
So Happy Birthday to our little guy and we look forward to many many more with you!

The new born babe

Adam in his super cute football outfit just a few days old, on his first super bowl actually

Happy Birthday Adam!!!
...I'm not so sure about this