Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sorry for the delay in getting these pictures up, we got caught up watching too many Rockies games. It was a good run, even though the Red Sox swept them. So here are some pictures of us during our adventure to Seattle!!!

Tim on the Ferry to Whibey Island

Angie with our Pumpkins, there were a couple near disasters!!

Probably the most creative pumpkin carving I have seen

The carved pumpkins, ours is the house.

Us at Snoqualmie Falls at the bottom after the "hike" down

Snoqualmie Falls at the top overlook

The salmon swimming up river to spawn

Ducks diving to get the delicacy of salmon eggs

Downtown Seattle from the Space Needle on a crystal clear day

A ferry going across the sound

The sun setting across the Olympic Mountain Range

The Seattle Temple

A statue on the temple grounds that Amanda really liked


Now for the good stuff! Here are some of our ultrasound pictures.

A profile shot of our baby

A little wave hello from the baby

Last but not least the baby's face. We're hoping when she comes out she looks a little less like an alien and more like us.

Hopefully you enjoyed our pictures! ...Next up Amanda's growing fat belly!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our little one and our trip to Seattle

We got to go on a fun trip last weekend to Seattle. It was the first time there for both of us and we had a great time! Amanda's friend from high school lives there as well as Tim's aunt and uncle. Of course we did all of the touristy things. We went to Pike Place Market, Whidbey Island (on a ferry that we drove on to... another first), carved pumpkins, saw Snoqualmie Falls, and the Salmon Hatchery in Issaquah. We also went downtown and went to the top of the Space Needle, it was also cool because we went up at sunset time and watched the sun set over the Olympic Mountains. We got to go the famous Boehm's Chocolate factory and get a yummy treat. To end our vacation we went to see the beautiful Seattle Temple, which had it's own crazy little forest with lots of cool vegetation.
We had a great time and were so thankful that Angie, Aunt Patti, Uncle Brad, and Allison (Tim's cousin) were able to show us around and let us stay with them. If you ever want to visit somewhere try Seattle in the fall. Of course make sure you bring the nice weather with you. We did and it brought bright blue skies while we were there and cold yucky weather to Denver...ha ha. Apparently it was the nicest weekend they had had in months.

Pictures will come soon, the blogger was unable to load them.

After we came home from our trip we had a doctor's appointment. After much work we had a scheduled ultrasound. We got to see our little one moving around for the first time. We saw all of her little body parts and they measured her as well. In the end, the technician determined that it was in fact a little girl, a very modest one might we add. The whole time she wouldn't open up her legs to make sure she didn't have any boy parts. So we are going with a 99% chance that she is a she. Perhaps we will have another ultrasound to make it 100% later. Also our due date was reconfirmed and it is now officially on Leap Day (February 29th, 2008 for those of you who don't know when that is, because we have been asked that question.)

We hope everyone is doing well and we are always checking everyone else's blog. FYI Adam's family we finally made it to TGIFriday's. Cinnabon Cheesecake is to die for, so good!!!!