Friday, January 27, 2012

Where has Jan gone?

Merry Christmas!!! This is us waiting for Adam to decide to wake up so we could start our Christmas morning!!

Well you would think that with Tim home my life wouldn't be nearly as crazy, but it is!! We have been busy enjoying time together when we can after work with Tim and trying to stay sane during the day with these winter months. This week the kids had a blast at the rec center gymnastics area where they had an open gym. It was a great deal, $2/ hour and they ran around and had so much fun!!! I think I will have to take them more often, and it was a nice change for the kids too!

They loved the running trampoline they have!
He finally got the hang of running down then walking back! We all took a good nap after this!
Shyler tried out the balance beam, and the uneven the bars and rings too!

Tim survived his trip home with minimal weather which was perfect for us waiting for him on the other end. He enjoyed a stop in Omaha and a nice dinner out with his Aunt and Uncle as well. He really enjoyed his project he worked on and the people he met in Ohio, but luckily we won out and he knew it was time to come home... if we would have been out there with him I'm pretty sure it would have gone from a 6 month project to an 18 month one! He received many thank you's and made some good friends while gaining some invaluable experience so we are happy to have supported him in this. Now we are just so happy to have him home again!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with the family and enjoyed the craziness at the Miller's with 6 grandkids aged 4 and under! It was fun having Christmas on a Sunday. Our family woke up, well i was up first followed by Tim and Shyler then we sat next to Adam until he finally woke up to us staring at him, then we opened our stockings. We had some yummy Costco muffins and enjoyed a great time at church. We came home and opened our presents then we went to spend the rest of the day with the rest of Tim's family. It was nice to have my mom with us and it was a fun time had by all!
Now we are getting ready to celebrate! Poor Tim was in Ohio for his birthday, but we celebrated when he got home. Next week is Adam's and my birthday! I can't believe is his 2 already!!!! Fun Fun Fun and a lot of craziness around here!