Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread House

Shyler's visit with Santa at Tim's work party... she was so excited until she got in the room with him. This would have been great to put with our Christmas cards, but we just got it... so at least you can enjoy it now.

For Family Home Evening this week we made our Gingerbread house. Not our best one ever, but we still have fun making one every year!

Shyler was so excited for the candy, we had to slow her down! She was just dripping from all of the juice! She loved the Mike-n-Ikes Tim got! She also had fun being able to decorate her own graham crackers!

Showing off her work, she liked the snowflake ones the best and really did put most of the pieces in place herself.
Mommy and Shyler working away!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

We have been so busy with the holidays, but we have been having a great time enjoying the season and being with family and friends. Here we are on Thanksgiving at Amanda's sister's house. Look at that belly! It's there really it is.... and don't worry I am having killer heartburn, and am feeling huge for those of you who think I am not that big!

Shyler had fun at Tim's work Children's party. Our little helper! She got to make this cool craft project with tissue paper and glue on a glass jar that had a handle on it and it turns into a really cool lantern. They even supplied a little battery operated candle! Shyler, however really only helped with about 3 pieces and then was done and enjoyed watching mom get her fingers all gluey.
They had a game room and Shyler loved playing the games and getting a prize out of the giant stocking. She also loved carrying around her cool treat back that she got to decorate.

32 week picture and getting even bigger! This baby is a lot lower and bigger than Shyler already, but other than that I shouldn't complain too much, he was healthy at a 30 week ultrasound and already weighed 3 1/2 lbs and growing bigger! He is still a big kicker and lets me know he is there. We are so excited to see him when he finally comes out to meet us!!!