Thursday, May 18, 2006

MWC Champion

I was hoping this title would get some attention. The past couple of weeks have been very busy and the next couple will be hectic as well, but in between the madness that is currently my life I was able to take about a week off and spend it in Utah. Why would I go to Utah where it has been blazing hot you ask, and what is there to do there? First of all being Mormon gives me a few more thing that interest me in the state that deal with the church's history and operation. The main reason for me driving across Wyoming was to watch Amanda compete in the MWC Track and Field Championships. It was an extremely hot two days sitting on the bleachers but well worth it. The first day of competition she competed in the Long Jump and did alright but wasn't able to make the finals. On Saturday she had an amazing day!!! She jumped a personal best and school tying record 41' 6". This was able to give her the longest jump of the day and she walked away with the title of MWC Champion. This was the first time anyone (boy or girl) has won a championship from CSU in the triple jump. The only downside to the day was the girls team took second finishing behind BYU.

Other than this lull in the action, I have been very busy finishing up my finals and school for the summer. I have been preparing for my internship in Longmont. Amanda also graduated this past weekend but was not able to walk because she was in Utah. We also bought a new car, I figured with a commute to Longmont an SUV would kill me in the pocketbook so we purchased a Chevy Malibu which gets much better gas mileage. We are also moving in about 2 days so the house is a mess and packing is going non-stop.

I hope all is well with everyone who still reads this I hopefully in a few weeks we can actually hang out.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New News

Well a lot has been going on in my life and some changes are coming soon. No Amanda and I are not having a kid. First off I have accepted an offer from Boulder Scientific to work as an intern for them this summer. I will be dealing with an expansion project in building a new plant for them in Hudson, CO. I am very excited about that and think I should get some great experience working there. It is a smaller company based in Mead, CO so I will be doing a little bit of commuting but not too bad.

The other bit of news is that Amanda and I will be moving later this month. We decided to move into the student housing for a year while I finish. It should save us a lot of money plus we have a lot of friends living there as well. I will post a new address on the friends website for anyone who will need it.

Amanda will also be graduating on the 12th of May but will not be walking as she will be in Provo competing in the MWC Championship. She is excited about that and has no idea what she wants to do after the summer so that should be a fun adventure for the both of us. I hope all is well with everyone who still checks this and I look forward to seeing any of you soon.