Thursday, February 26, 2009

One of those weeks

So we have had an interesting week here at our house. Well not super interesting, but trying on my patience. Shyler is a crazy crazy girl and some days she is a handful and others she is the sweetest ever. Yesterday was a harder day. I think some of it is because she is 1. little Miss Independent 2. She thinks she only needs one nap now, when she is a little in between that stage and 3. she is cutting a tooth, number 3 on the bottom and number 7 total. Last night we got to wake up at 1:45 and listen to her scream unless we were holding her. Eventually I caved and fed her, but that did not help, so after more screaming we caved even more and brought her into our bed to sleep. Well she thought that was more fun than anything, so Tim ended up sleeping on the couch so he could get some sleep and wake up for work, and Shyler and I eventually fell asleep on the bed. Turns out, if I would have thought about this, a little bit of Tylenol might have been helpful. You don't always think clearly at 3 in the morning.

So, to not make my child look like a complete monster, you should know that I do love her and she is pretty sweet. On Tuesday when I was babysitting Lindsey she was so nice. Lindsey's Grandma left and she was sad and started to cry. Shyler saw that and I said, "go get her a toy," so she went to her toy box and gave Lindsey her glow worm. It was so cute. I was worried that she would have a hard time with sharing because she used to not be so good at it, but it was so cute to watch her try and help Linsdey feel better. Shyler also loves other babies. She will walk over to any baby she sees and try to hug them. At church she loves to see Kirsten who shares her same birthday and they practically tackle each other and then they do laps around the church together during primary. Another fun and adorable time!

Here are some silly pictures of her and some of what yesterday was like

When I was at work last week she had a great time eating grapes and stuffing herself

She also loved making a new hair style up with her Au- natural grape hair gel

Yesterday she decided she needed to use the oven mitts when I was making dinner

Every time I got ready for a good shot she did this, charged after me and smiled as she tried to grab the camera

and then after she got bored with the oven mitts she wanted up. Poor girl, life is tough when you are short!

and then she was mad I wouldn't pick her up, don't worry I did.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sleepy Head

So I love when you have a sleeping baby, I also love when they take super long naps!
On Sunday Shyler decided she needed to wake up at 6:30, which we don't love, but then when it came time for her nap she went right to sleep at 9:30 and when we went to wake her up at 12:15 for lunch before church she just kept sleeping (normally she wakes up the minute you open her door). It was just so cute to watch her sleep, now that she is a light sleeper we don't get to see it too often.

She is a funny sleeper too, she has to sleep with a blanket and a washcloth! It started out as just a washcloth, but when it started getting colder we added the blanket and now she loves them both! I think she would sleep with a doll or stuffed animal if we let her. When she wakes up she has to make sure to grab both of them and then you can pick her up. Luckily she hasn't gotten attached to a specific one yet!

When she finally did wake up I think we kind of scared her as we were hovering over, and she also had some wicked hair! It was pretty funny looking and Tim wanted to take her to church like that!

Silly girl, I'm glad that today she slept like normal, and is taking a good nap too!