Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ok so it's not Halloween yet, but we have been having fun getting ready for it! We went to the pumpkin patch and farm to get in the mood with Tim's parents, Uncle Mel, Amanda's Mom and Tim's sister Sarah and her family. Shyler and her cousin are finally starting to like to play with each other and have a good time! We are happy for them and can't wait to see if they will be good friends as they grow up. We are also excited for our little guy on the way. We just found out Tim's sister who is only 6 weeks behind us is having a boy too! We will have two little guys running around that will also be best buds! We hope that the other 2 sisters are able to have one so we can have a round of cousins within a year of each other, that will be so fun!!!

The two farm boys so excited to see an oliver, bringing back so many memories for them!
Shyler loving the little kid maze
Mel and Calvin sitting in the patch
Sarah Calvin and Roger
Why is Shyler squating like that? We're not sure but she does that a lot lately for pictures, she is so silly!
Shyler got to try out her costume early at the Trunk or Treat for Tim's parents ward. I was at a baby shower so I didn't even get to see how cute she looked and I also had the camera, thank goodness for camera phones. Shyler also discovered the joy of the trunk or treat and the candy that comes with it! She loved her glow in the dark braclets one car was passing out.

What happens with Shyler in the bathroom while mommy is getting ready for the baby shower... somehow she slipped them under the lid. Didn't know that was happening I thought they were just on top of the toilet... needless to say we are down a few hair elastics and barrettes.

After her fun time at the Trunk or Treat she was so excited she didn't want to go to bed, and like most nights tries to procrastinate... well Sat night she found her headband and we couldn't stop laughing at how silly she looked and the cheesy grins she was flashing.

On Monday we braved a rough cranky morning and took a trip to Colorado Springs to visit Shannon and Travis and Dre and Lexi met us down there. It was fun to visit with old friends and to watch the little ones interact. I think Travis is afraid of Shyler and all of the hugs she tried to give him, and Lexi wished Shyler would stop following her and getting in her space. Shyler has a problem with personal space sometimes. I wish they were more cooperative while I took pictures, but they loved giving hugs goodbye

And Lexi waved goodbye to her too

Last night we had a chance to carve our pumpkins! This is the first year we actually both carved our own! We had Tim's sister Karen over to carve with us. Shyler wasn't so into it, but maybe because she had an upset tummy. Mine is on the left with Tim's in the middle and Karen's on the Right. We have learned that we like the templates but we are not smart enough to follow our dots that we poke so we outlined the dots with marker so we would know where to carve. It worked out great and will have to be something I do from now on!

Happy Halloween! We hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

24 weeks down... so much more fun to go

So we have been slackers again and should probably post more often than once every 4 weeks. But we have had a lot of fun the last 4 weeks and have been busy doing a lot of the same and some other fun stuff. I am 24 weeks along and am still growing big, but staying busy with the family.

I love this candid picture of Tim and Shlyer reading together! She loves to read!
GO RAMS! Shyler was all set to cheer on her favorite college ram team and she even let me try to do her hair, of course I had to let her play with the bathroom cups. Maybe they haven't been winning because she hasn't been wearing her cheerleading outfit to cheer them on... we'll try next week.

One night after a good day, Tim decided Shyler deserved a real treat before bed so Shyler got oreos! They are her favorite and when she sees a package of them she gets super excited! She is a big fan of licking off the icing!
You can't have oreos without milk! Yum!

Our biggest adventure was taking a trip to Utah! We packed up and took my mom out with us to visit some friends and to get away. We didn't end up going to a session of conference, but we did get to go to the Salt Lake Temple.

It was so nice to be together in the temple and to feel the spirit. It was also great to visit our friends the Jacobsen's. I got a fun girls night with candy and The Hannah Montana movie and trying to learn a dance while Tim went to the BYU vs. Utah State football game. He didn't really care who won, but he had fun with that very, very different college football game experience.

So if you are ever in the American Fork area with kids they have this great place called Kangaroo Zoo. It was so cool it was a giant room full of different bounce castles! Shyler was a little apprehensive at first but then ended up having a great time!

Here she is going down one of the slides
Going down with Hyrum, her boyfriend

Playing on the alligator with daddy watching
Trying to climb up the ladder in the obstacle course

After a fun time with the Jacobsen's we also got to visit Tim's mission companion, Mitch and his wife, Shannon. They were so nice to let us come visit and watch conference with them. Too bad for them they had to watch it with a very energetic toddler. We hope they were able to get a message out of it. On Sat. night when the boys went to the priesthood session us girls went shopping! Don't go to a mall in Salt Lake on the same night as the priesthood session. Craziness!! It was fun and we got some great stuff. Shannon who is expecting their little guy in Nov got some new clothes and I found little our little guy a couple of things.

The drive home was ok. I had to drop Tim off in Rock Springs, WY for a work trip and then drive the rest of the way. Luckily I had my mom with me so help keep Shyler entertained. We busted out the DVD player and that was very helpful. The fact that I was driving wasn't bad, it was the fact that I was driving in rain, sleet, snow, fog... you name it, it fell on us.

Our latest adventure, which might be one of our craziest is that we ran the CSU homecoming race this past weekend. It was 16 degrees with a couple inches of snow on the grass and snowing while we ran!!!!!! We are crazy but we actually had a lot of fun! Thankfully my mom watched Shyler so she didn't have to be subjected to that, but Tim's sister Jeannette, Tim and I all ran the 5k!!! I won't say that we had good times, but we ran the whole time and I like to remember the weather conditions and the fact that I am 5 1/2 months pregnant... can you tell I'm pretty proud of it? Since it was so cold we didn't bring our camera to document it, but we got our shirts and you could find our time and name if you really wanted to know on the website. That is my 4th year in a row running the race and I love our tradition of running this race. I also love our breakfast tradition of Silver Grille's cinnamon roll french toast afterwards... YUMMY!!!!