Thursday, April 19, 2012

Twins and Easter!!!

Here is my growing belly!!!! 20 weeks along with the twins!!!!
I guess I never announced our exciting news via the blog, but yep we are expecting not only one baby, but two!!!!! The past two ultrasounds have shown one boy for sure swimming around like a boy squishing his little sister that is just curled up, head down so far, under him. She is the one that we weren't sure on, but both times they were pretty positive it was a girl. We are excited for this new adventure and aren't quite sure what to expect, but I'm sure we will get through it and enjoy all of the fun they bring into our lives!
This picture was a few weeks ago, but our due date is Aug 19, which means probably at the beginning of the month the way twins go. The pregnancy has been ok so far, just your typical stuff just a little magnified, at least for what I'm used to. Now I'm past the sickness and onto the big belly that gets full really easily and the start of heartburn! The kids are really excited and even love giving the babies hugs and kisses. Shyler has named them Francesco and Franceski.... but it was pinky for a little while... Don't worry those aren't their real names and we will probably be stinkers and not tell until the birth because we are even having a hard time agreeing as it is :-)

Another beautiful spring day that we got to spend at the zoo before our pass expired! Shyler loved meeting up with her friends from preschool too!

Shyler got a special day with daddy, he was in heaven at the Denver Auto Show and Shyler had fun being a cute little model. They really enjoyed the mustangs too!

How does this happen? I don't even know how but, yes I did get peed on... Adam was behind me after his bath and then I was wet! Silly boy!

Shyler was enjoying a nice spring day with her new bike she got for her birthday!

We had a great time celebrating the Easter season. For Family Home Evening we did a cool idea I found on Pinterest. We used marshmallows to represent the body of Christ, butter, cinnamon and sugar to represent the anointing oils and spices, and then a crescent roll for the linens they wrapped His body in before His body was put into the tomb. After He was risen we took the finished product out of the oven and the marshmallows were gone just like Christ's body was when he was resurrected. It was a great visual and a very yummy treat, although Adam was very concerned where Jesus had gone.

We did an egg hunt the city hosted with cousin Kimberly, one at grandma and grandpa's with all of the cousins, then one at home with cousin Tyler. It was lots of fun!!! Good think we were smart and just re-used the eggs each time! Adam did a great job and Shyler of course was really good!

Happy Easter!!!

What a silly silly boy!!! He's missing his armbands though that he usually insists on wearing. That would have completed the picture. But just an FYI he insisted on the shorts being up like that.

Last Saturday he decided he didn't need to take a nap, so we get the infamous toddler falling asleep at the dinner table. We haven't had that in a while and it was very entertaining. Too bad there wasn't something like a bowl of soup for him to crash into, that would have been hilarious!!! And then of course after his head nods he got a second wind and was running around like crazy!!! Then he didn't even sleep in! Lucky for me I got a 3 1/2 hour nap out of both of them on Monday!!! During which time I should have slept, but instead read the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series. It was interesting and it really made me want to find out was happened, but I just didn't like all of the violence.

Besides spring cleaning and celebrating my mom's birthday that's about all we've been up to!

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