Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

So way back when I only had one kid I wondered what was with my friends of multiple kids. Blogging is fun, why can't they blog once a week like I do? Now fast forward to my life now and I see why. It's not that I don't like to, I really actually do, but I feel like I am always folding laundry, cleaning up the kitchen or feeding Adam! It is crazy! But we are still here and doing well! We are surviving Shyler and her 2 year old tantrums and the days she feels she doesn't need a nap. Adam is pretty much a 2 a day napper which means he naps we eat lunch Shyler naps we have about an hour and then Adam naps again! FUN!!! So on some days when I didn't get a shower the night before I bribe Shyler with M
ickey Mouse so I can shower or put away the laundry or we just play!
I misplaced my camera for half of Sept. but we have had some fun over the last 2 months! It was not fun having my husband gone on business for pretty much those 2 weeks! I'm glad there are not really any trips planned for a while. The kids and I all go a little crazy!

Miller Farm... I just got these off of Tiffany's blog because most of the time she held Adam for me while he slept on her and I did a lot more picking since she was about to leave for her trip. Shyler loved getting dirty and playing with Madi!

Adam and his first bloody nose, he slipped while crawling on the kitchen floor
The family battle, the buffs may have won, but Rams are still better
Little Miss Scarlette
Calvin and Shyler swinging at the park for his 3rd birthday
Adam LOVES the swing
Ethan and his first try at the swing
Mini- representers
We went with Tiffany and Madi to the Miller Farm. It was so much fun to harvest our own vegetables! We got so dirty, but it was fun. We even had fun running into some friends from Fort Collins!
I love that Adam is a big boy now and bath time is so much shorter!!! They have fun together in the bath!
Mr. A has gone from scooching to crawling to pulling up to realizing he can use this walker to walk across the living room! He is such a big boy!
In the kitchen he loves to push around and climb over the high chair. One day he pushed it down the stairs! (on Tim's watch)
Jeannette and Kimberly, so cute!
Last weekend we went to the Air Force vs. CSU football game with our friends Tyler and Shannon. It was a lot of fun and the kids were pretty good. Shyler's favorite parts included the bouncy slide and swings they had brought in because it was kids day, and she also liked the men falling out of the plane (parachuter's landing onto the field). The fly over was also pretty good. It was not fun to watch the Rammies get beat up most of the game, but the forth quarter was pretty good minus the fact that it was the end of the game and we lost.

Tim and Shyler (no clue who that lady is)
CSU actually about to score. We loved that Tyler got free tickets from his work right on the 50 yard line about 25 rows up! It was sweet! Thanks Tyler!
Always a ram fan!
Lots of snacks were involved but we had fun!

Maybe I'll be less than a month before my next post. We have a lot to look forward to. This weekend is the annual CSU homecoming weekend and we are going to try to go to the parade and then run the 5k. This is my 5th in a row!!! Then Halloween!!!! Then our trip to visit my friend Andrea and Luke and their little one for her birthday!!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!