Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun With Friends

Shyler ready to go on a trip to Fort Collins. Too cool!

Here are some of the many babies that were at Shannon and Sterling's Graduation party.
From left to right: Lexi and Nate Lund, Tim and Shyler, Cooper and Erica Andrews, and Andrew and Stacey Taggart. Cooper's got a finger in his mouth because it was nap time and he wasn't really interested in smiling for the camera. Poor guy.
It's too bad we all don't live next to each other anymore, but at least we have our blogs!

Here are some of our friends that were at Sterling and Shannon's Graduation Party. From left to right: The Miller's, The Brink's, The Read's, Half of the Tucker's, and the Holman's. Poor Valerie, I feel your pain of wanting that baby out of your belly!

Shyler and Amanda ready for church. She had on her cute little shoes and everything. It's too bad that not too far into church she pooped out of this outfit. Babies are good at that!

Today she is 12 weeks old!! She's getting so big and time is just flying by. She has been a real blessing in our lives. We love when she smiles and makes cute noises. We love when she falls asleep in our arms, we just love her! It's funny that people mention all of the that cute stuff, and fail to mention the other things babies do. For example, peeing on the changing pad when you're changing their diaper (last night to Tim), pooping out of outfits (yesterday at church), crying and screaming (everyday), spitting up all over you( multiple times a day), and not holding still when you're trying to trim their finger nails (last night, Amanda drew a little blood. Shyler was really not happy after that one.) But despite all this, we love her to death and enjoy each moment we have with her and are so thankful that Heavenly Father has blessed us with this sweet spirit in our lives.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Here are Tim and Shyler getting ready to go to church on Mother's Day. Luckily we have 1 o'clock church and we get to lounge around all morning and take our time getting ready. This was after making Amanda a yummy breakfast for Mother's Day of course.

This bear is the first present Tim got for Amanda, he gave it to her for Christmas when they were still dating. The bear was one of Amanda's favorite presents Tim has given her, besides being such a wonderful husband and loving her so much. But, Shyler is the BEST gift he has given her.

This is Shyler's gift to Amanda on Mother's Day. She apparently wanted to get her something special and homemade... Poop it was!

We hope you all had a great mother's day, or treated your moms to a great day!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy May and 2 months!

Last weekend we went to Fort Collins. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures, but we had a great time and we were so excited to see so many people this trip, especially at church. The Cache La Poudre ward definitely has something in the water, there are babies everywhere! It was funny to see so many car seats around the chapel!

Here are Lexi and Shyler. On Tuesday, April 29, Dre and Lexi drove up for a visit. It was fun to see them both and it was fun for the two babies to meet. Hopefully that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)

This is Shyler in her little rocking seat. She never really liked it, she does tolerate it for like 10 minutes though. When she was little little we would put her in it when she slept.
This her little self at 8 weeks and then the bottom is only 1 week old. She's gotten so big and tall!

Today was also a big day for Shyler. Since she will be 2 months old tomorrow she went to the doctor this morning. She weighed in at 10 lbs 11 oz and was 23 1/4 in tall. She is like 85% in length and 50% in weight. We are proud of her getting our tall genes, we just hope it keeps up ;) Then came the sad part, 5 shots! It was so sad to hear her cry, but luckily Tim did a good job of comforting her and calming her down.

Happy May, even with the Colorado snow!