Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

We are such slackers and have been so busy these past few weeks we haven't had a chance to update you on what's happening in our lives.

We want to remember Tim's Grandma. She passed away early this month after some battles with illness. She was an amazing women and was an example to us of following the examples of Christ. She was so kind, loving, caring, and generous. She loved her family, and most recently loved seeing Shyler and Calvin. She was the envy of the nursing home when the babies came to visit. We love you Grandma Irwin!

Shyler Tim and I had a great Christmas. Shyler got spoiled and got tons of toys, clothes, and a new car seat. The car seat was an early present and good thing because at her 9 month check up this month she measured 30 in long!!! The length limit on her old seat is 29. She also weighed 17 lb 14 oz. That moved her into the 97th% and 25th%!!!!! She is still our long skinny baby!

Shyler loves to play in her box from the car seat and Tim even cut out a door, a window, and a little sun rood so she could stand up in it!

Shyler and Tim got in a war with the baby powder and it looks like Tim won. Well, really he just thought it was closed and he squeezed it and it got all over her face, it was pretty funny though.

I've been working a couple days a week at Pier 1 and Tim watches Shyler at night. She stays up late waiting for me, but eventually falls asleep. One night I came home to this. She looked so cute cuddled up with her daddy!

I go to the Breastfeeding Support group at the hospital still, aka the boob group, and Shyler loves to play with her friends. Elizabeth, Marsden, and Shyler are only 10 days apart.

The Saturday before Christmas, Tim's sisters and I got together and baked Christmas goodies. Shyler was so good all day she got her first sugar cookie!! She is a little cookie monster and definitely takes after her mommy in that area.

Christmas Eve we spent part of the night at Amanda's sister Kelli's house. Shyler had fun helping open presents, well mostly just playing in the tissue paper afterwards. Also in the picture is her cousin Tyler, and saying Shyler and Tyler all night definitely was confusing her.

Amanda's Mom excited about her new shoes!

Christmas morning! Amanda got some fancy pajamas that are actually long enough in the sleeve!!! I always have the problem that pajama sets aren't long enough in the tops, but Tim found a good deal and a size Long in pajamas from Victoria's Secret.

Tim was also such a thoughtful husband and found this ceder chest for me and is working on refinishing it for me! I have always wanted one and he found a great deal on this one at a garage sale! It's still in progress, but I am so excited about it!

Shyler and Amanda opening up presents Christmas morning

Shyler and her cousin Calvin playing with a new toy!

Merry Christmas from the Miller's!!!!!!

We are so thankful for this holiday season and for the chance to remember the birth of our Savior. We are thankful to remember the sacrifices He made for us and for the example he set to us. We hope that not only at Christmas, but throughout all the year we can follow His example and be like Him. We love this time of year and we love having so many family and friends to share it with. Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

9 Months

I forgot to say it on our last post, but today Shyler is 9 months old!!! She is growing up so fast!!! She doesn't have too many new tricks, she waves a little, claps, crawls everywhere, climbs up, on, and over whatever she wants and gives us the best smiles!!! She also likes to make the gesture that looks like she is saying, "I don't know." We love her so much and are so happy and grateful to have her bright light in our life!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, It's Christmas time!!!

We hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving!!! We had a good time with our family. We went to Tim's parents house and Amanda's mom was able to join us. We are so lucky to have both sides of our familes near by.

On of our traditions that we have done for the last 3 Thanksgivings is to go to the shopping center at Stapleton to see the light display that blinks to the Trans Siberian orchestra. We love their music and it means a little something extra to Tim and I because one of our memorable dates we went on was to their concert.

Shyler looked interested in the music and the lights, but she was not interested in sitting in her stroller for long. So sorry the video doesn't really show her, but you can hear the music and sort of see the flashes of light.

She was happy to have her Aunt Jeannette come along too.

I was one of those crazy people and went shopping on Black Friday. I went with 2 of my sister-in-laws and shopped all morning, then went to work at Pier 1 for 4 hours, and then we drove to Fort Collins to visit my friend Andrea. It was a long long long day, but I wouldn't have done it any other way... well maybe I wouldn't have worked!!!

I am so mad at myself for not going to Jo-ann's to get the flannel that was on sale for $1.49/ yd!!! My advise for black Friday is that Wal-mart is really not that fun that early, but Kohl's isn't too bad if you have someone to trade off standing in line and shopping with, also Target wasn't bad at all. We hope you are excited for the Christmas season, we are!!! We finally put our tree up on Sunday night. Shyler loved helping and was very excited to try and eat the lights. She really loved the jingle bell ornament though, she was shaking it and banging it against the tin plate we have.