Monday, September 03, 2007

Summer Pictures

2nd Anniversary Dinner!!!

We went to Rodizio Grill and had lots of yummy meat!

The meat guys bringing around the meat

At Alumni Night at the Rockies

It was a great ninth inning win!!!

Our Recent Trip to the Zoo

Amanda chasing a peacock

A cool lion

Us in our cool Safari hats

Let's see who really reads this...

The reason for this title is that I have an announcement to make, one that many people have been waiting for. Earlier this summer Amanda and I found out that she was pregnant. We have slowly been telling people because we wanted to make sure everything was ok. Now she is almost four months along and we are really excited. The baby is due near the end of February, we are shooting for Leap Day. We do not know the sex of the baby yet but should find out within the next couple of months. People have been asking me if I am nervous and I really don't think it has all set in yet. Amanda is not really showing yet so it still seems a bit surreal. I am sure as time progresses everything will set in and the nervousness will begin. So far Amanda's pregnancy has been good. She has felt sick quite a bit, but never actually got sick. This has been by far the best news of the summer. My little sister just had her first baby on Tuesday so that has really helped us both become a little more excited, and nervous, to have our own.

As for the rest of the summer, we have had a very busy one. It seems like we enjoy trying to pack our weekends full a month in advance. We have had the opportunity to go camping twice, go to a couple Rockies games, see a Broncos preseason game, and I have actually been able to go golfing twice. We have had an eventful summer and it has been great getting a chance to see and hang out with a lot of our new and old friends.

Although this summer has been great I am very excited for the fall and winter. I am getting ready to buy my ski pass and football season has started! Needless to say I was severely disappointed at the result of the CSU / CU game. I was so depressed after the game I needed two episodes of The Office just to get me to a functional level. The one bright side to the game was how well CSU played. I feel that if they can play every team like they did CU they will have a great season and may even have a chance at winning the MWC. We'll see what happens against Cal and TCU. I am so glad Kyle Bell returned, now they can actually run the ball. Moving onto the Pros, I think the Broncos also have a great chance to go far this year. In the offseason they added, in my opinion, two keys players: a Terrel Davis style running back and a Shannon Sharp style receiving tight end. These two pieces will help complete the offense. Now if they can sign Simeon Rice they will help sure up their defense. The run defense is the one area I am worried about, hopefully they can fix that problem.

That is all for now I guess. Needless to say life is going well for us now and we have some very exiting times coming up. I look forward to hearing from everyone and hopefully seeing you soon.