Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 2011

July 1st started our month out with a bang! We had a joint first birthday party at the park for Kimberly and Scarlette. Adam and Shyler had so much playing with their cousins and in the water feature of the park!

Happy Birthday Scarlette!
Happy Birthday Kimberly!!!

I finally bought Adam a helmet and the kids love riding in the bike seat and taking turns in the Burley! I try to bike more often, until the 95 degree days hit! But most Wednesdays we bike to Chick-fil-a to get their free breakfast item! Yummy!

We went to the zoo again... this time with my sister and 2 of her kids and I just loved the seals! They gave each other a little kiss, and I was so excited to get a picture of it! Much better than one time when we went and the giraffes were doing something even crazier and much better than the rhino turning with his rear towards us and letting go! That was gross!!!
Road Trip!!!!

We drove to Utah and Nevada one weekend. Of course we got our In-n-out fix, (my mom got it twice). We also got to visit some friends. First we saw my friend Holli who used to live near us. I had so much fun with her! She is super crafty and I just wish I could be like her! She is also fast, I think that is my downfall. Well I told her I wanted to do something crafty with her so we made cute flower magnets with just 3 different sized pieces of fabric and put a stitch or button in the middle. Simple but cute!!!

I feel my mom deserves the note that she did not eat 3 hamburgers, she was just super excited to get hers!
The purpose of the trip! We went ot Nevada to be there when my Aunt Sandi got baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She was so kind to ask me to speak on the topic of baptism, and then they both made a covenant with our Heavenly Father to follow the example of Christ and to take upon them His name. It was a neat experience! We are so happy for them too!
With their missionaries who spent a lot of time teaching them about the Gospel
The kids found many ways to entertain themselves along the way of 24 hours of drive time! Shyler played with her dolls, they colored, read books, played with toys, watched movies, ate snacks, and slept... a little. I couldn't believe how little they slept on the trip, I've always been a fan of sleeping, but apparently not my kids. On the drive home on Mon. which was 9 total hours including stops for gas, lunch at McDonald's so they could play and dropping my mom off, Adam only slept for 1 1/2 hours and Shyler was only 45 min!!!!
Also on the trip we went to a barbecue after the baptism. We stayed at someones house my Aunt knew and got to experience life on the ranch, and do wheelbarrow races. We also saw some of my mom's dear friends from CA and stayed with them. They were so thoughtful and the kids finally got a good meal! They also went on donkey rides with the neighbor!!! Tim wanted to know where I had taken our kids after the wheelbarrow races and burro rides!!! We also got to see my grandmother's cousin and her daughter. Also exciting for my mom, and cool to meet other members of my extended family.

After the road trip we continued to stay busy and go to park days and to a picnic celebrating the anniversary of the Mormon pioneers making it to Salt Lake. It really wasn't a super exciting picnic, but Shyler insisted on wearing her dress because the flyer said there would be dancing.
Adam found someone's softball and bat and decided he needed to have it and walked around the big tree for nearly 20 minutes until it was time to leave, and even then he was sad to say goodbye... to the ball of course.

After the picnic I had a message from my friend Becky inviting us to the Rapids game. So in the tradition of keeping us busy we ate a quick dinner and made it just in time for the game against the New England Revolution!
They are so cute!!! We love them!
Watching the action! We got really good seats, because Cody and his Awesomeness had just played in a 3v3 tournament and everyone that played got a free ticket to Saturday's game. He is so awesome because his team were studs and they crushed everyone and won the tournament for the second year in a row and qualified to play at the world's in jan, or something like that. And at the soccer game Shyler also insisted on the Sleeping Beauty dress, she is such a silly girl!
The game was mostly fun besides chasing around 2 little kids. Adam and Shyler lost interest pretty quickly and we got to walk around the concourse a lot, but when we did sneak back down to our seats we got to witness a lot of action including a red card, a penalty kick goal and another goal!!! It was fun during that!

Now that July is almost over, I'm sure it'll be another month, but we will have lots more adventures to share!!!