Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Fun!!

I don't know how in my last post I could have forgotten about our fun and exciting times! We really haven't just been sitting around waiting for Adam to grace us with his presence and we have tried to do fun things together as a family and as a couple.

The funnest thing we have done is go to an Av's game. The great thing about this game was... it was just before Tim's birthday, or was it because we didn't have Shyler and Tim's sister babysat, or was it because it was FREE, or was is because we got to sit just 2 ROWS off the ice!!!! I'm going with all of those were why it was so fun, especially the last reason! We owe a huge Thank you to our Brother-in-law Andreas for giving us the tickets, and Tim's parents for coming with us.

We finally went on a date to the movies and saw The Blind Side. It was a really good story and really makes you want him to do well in the NFL.

We got to go out for pie just like we did when we were first dating and married.
Tim enjoyed a yummy slice of Peanut Butter Silk and I opted for a Blueberry muffin, both were delicious!

We went to the Temple, and Shyler is very obsessed with the Temple now. Every time she sees one she gets excited and that is the first song request before bed. We were glad that Tim's mom volunteered to come down with us and watch her while we went inside.

And as mentioned in the previous post we had a baby shower, Tim went skiing and I went to my sister-in-laws shower, and Shyler got her first family movie night and a special slumber party with mommy and daddy. Now that it is finally warming up in Colorado and the snow is melting Shyler has remembered that she loves the park and we take walks to the park to swing and slide. We also are enjoying some R and R which usually includes me napping when Shyler naps and lounging around.

And we are still waiting...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Up and still here!

So on Saturday night we decided to spoil Shyler. Tim got a dresser from his parents house that he stripped and sanded and varnished that he got all ready for Shyler. She was excited to move her clothes over and for her new dresser that daddy made. We were also so excited to have it done that we didn't care that it smelled like varnish still, so we brought it in the house. We took it to her room and rearranged and got it all ready for the crib to come in next. Since she had the smelly dresser in her room we decided she didn't need to sleep in there that night. So we got all ready for bed and she got to stay up and watch the movie Up with us. She loved it!!! We were so shocked to see that she sat through the entire movie and was so concerned with the balloons whenever they weren't in the picture. The most adorable part of the movie was when the house floated away and she almost cried!!! It was the cutest thing to see ever!!! She kept asking where the house and balloons went, even the next morning! We will have to remind her of this when she makes fun of me for crying through movies later in life.

After her late night movie that she watched and sat through and didn't fall asleep during, we went to bed and she got to sleep with mommy and daddy! She loves sleeping in our bed and there have been many mornings where she ends up sleeping the last hour or so with us because we are too lazy and tired to take her back to her room. So to be able to fall asleep with us was a big deal for her!!
We love her so much and all of her cute toddlerness that she is right now. We are also excited for her to have a new brother, but we want to make sure she doesn't feel left out when he comes. We'll see how she does. We think she will love him a lot and want to give him lots of hugs and kisses, and she will be a great helper.

We have been waiting around this last month as I await his arrival, but trying to not be too bored. I have actually dilated a little this time and got my hopes up, but I think that I have conceded to the fact that he likes me and will stay in until we force him out on the 2nd. I have sorted and resorted and washed all of his clothes and blankets and rearranged and organized and cleaned and shopped and stockpiled our house multiple times in the last few weeks.

I was able to have a fun baby shower with some of my friends and family down her at my house. It was so fun to see everyone and I really appreciated all of the thoughtful gifts. I loved my cute diaper cake and the fun games we played, but most of all feeling so loved! Tim liked it because he got to go skiing for the first time this season.

Last weekend I got to go to a baby shower for Tim's sister, Karen, who is due 6 weeks after me! It was fun to have all 4 of us pregnant sisters together and to get one last belly shot!

So with one week to go we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little man and hope and pray that things go smoothly and that he is healthy! I am very tempted to take my doctor up on her offer to induce anytime this week, but I am trying to hold out. Is it weird that I want to know what going into labor is like? We'll see if I can hold out or if the heartburn and other ailments of carrying a full term baby win out in the end.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas! We had a fun and busy fun filled week celebrating Christmas. Some pictures that we actually got start with Shyler's second visit to see Santa. We went to Tim's parents ward Christmas party and a very familiar looking Santa stopped by. Yet again she was terrified at the thought of me even letting go of her! Her cousin Calvin however, got along great with Santa and appreciated his little treat he left him... Perhaps he was confused as well that Santa and Uncle Walter sounded very similar....

Jeannette was a very good girl and got to sit on Santa's lap as well. (in case you haven't caught on, this is Tim's sister and her husband)

Our festivities began at Amanda's sister Kasie's house with highly talked about "Turducken" besides taking 6 1/2 hours to cook instead of the promised 4, it was a pretty good dinner. Although, we decided that we are not fans of the pink slimy duck, but it flavored the chicken and turkey very well and kept it very moist.

Ahh Christmas morning.... Tim has insisted that we store all presents until after bed and then they can be brought out, that was fun and Shyler was excited to see so many colorful boxes. She was also a great helper getting presents and taking them to people. She prefered presents in bags though because they were much easier to get in. She was super spoiled and got a lot of fun stuff! We are enjoying the bog box which was our family present of a keyboard... thank you for black Friday and half off!

All of the stockings were set in a row... I have enjoyed making everyones stockings and this year my mom got one added to the pile as well as our stand by stocking which got to be filled for my good friend Kat who came to visit as well!

Such a good helper!

By the time we made it to Grandma and Grandpa Miller's Shyler was a little exhausted from presents and got lots of help from everyone in the family.

A proud moment for Uncle Walter... He loves guns and loved showing Shyler how to shoot Calvins new little dart gun.

Other exciting events were bowling in Cheyenne with the Fournier's the day after Christmas and New Year's Eve with the Haynie's

Tim actually got a spare on this bowl! GO TIM!!! The first game was a little sad for most of us and then we were much better the second game. Shyler loved watching the balls come out and telling us which ball to use. Daddy was the orange one and Mommy always used the blue one!

We had such a fun time with the Haynies on New Year's Eve. Shyler loved playing with Madi and helping her walk. They even got to sleep in the same room while we stayed up to ring in the new year... that was good news for us that Shyler could sleep through Madi. And good news for Joe and Tiffany that Madi could sleep through Shyler when she woke up a little confused a couple hours later.

And finally here is my huge belly! I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks and the changes it will bring. We are trying to get things ready, not psyc ourselves out, and get Shyler ready and spend lots of quality time with her and each other. Here's to 2/2 (my induction date) or sooner and the expansion of our family with our little man! Who by the way is the biggest kicker ever! Sometimes I think he is trying to kick his way out of my belly!!!