Sunday, July 30, 2006

I am a Terrible Person

I have loved the idea of having a blog ever since Dunham first suggested it. I liked it because, as the title implies, I am a terrible person and am horrible at keeping in touch with people. So now I can't even write in a blog to keep people up to date on the happenings in my life. Hopefully I can change my ways and be better at keeping people up to date.

Well enough of that, on to my life. I now have only two weeks left in my internship and I have really enjoyed it. I am revised the emission factors for the company I work for so they can estimate how many harmful chemicals are being released into the air and then what they can do about it. I also had a little bit of an odd job as I was asked top design a new wash down area to rinse big filter and such. I spent a couple of weeks trying to learn a little bit about structural steel and the different materials that we could use for this structure. I almost called up Mike for some suggestions but I think I got it figured it out. I guess I won't be around if it falls.

Since my last posting I have done quite a bit of mountain biking with Amanda. We have been all over the state trying out various trails and me trying to not kill myself. We went up to winter Park and rode with the Fat Tire Classic. It was a lot of fun but really tough. If anyone wants to do it next year I hear there are lots of free samples after the ride. We spent a weekend in Wyoming camping. I know it sounds weird but there are some pretty nice places to camp in off of I-80. I spent half a week at summer camp with the scouts from church which was a lot of fun. Other than that than not much has been going on, just staying busy with day to day activities.

I don't know I put this in any other postings but after I knew I would be commuting to Longmont every day we purchased a Chevy Malibu which has proved to be a good car for us. It is a 2004 and had low miles, now that I am commuting I have put close to 4000 miles on it this summer!!

Well I hope everyone is doing well and if y'all are ever up in Fort Collins let me know and we can hang out. Hopefully there will be another posting soon.