Thursday, January 29, 2009

She's a walking!!!

So it has actually been 2 weeks, but I finally got some better video of our little walker!!! She really is into everything and going everywhere. Shyler loves to climb up and down the stairs and go into the bathroom and go into her mommy and daddy's room. It's so fun to watch her, especially at the beginning when she looked like a drunken sailor walking around.

Here is a short one of her when she first started 2 weeks ago

Here she was this morning!
We're so proud of her!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Skiing pictures

So I figured out where the pictures of us skiing were, so here are a couple

Derek and Nichole

Tim and Amanda ready to go down

Riding the Gondola up the mountain

Correction... not JH

So I was wrong and should correct the previous blog. That is not Jackson Hole Ski Resort in the picture, it is the one like 5 minutes from Derek's house. Jackson Hole looks way cooler! and what I said about it was true, just not the picture.
Which by the way brings me to another point, Tim had to clarify why my mom would want one of the stickers from the resort that are oval and black and white with the initials JH... Duh Amanda, it was not just because we went there, but because those are her initials!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jackson Hole

Well, we survived our fun filled weekend and road trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!! It was kind of a birthday trip for Tim since we celebrated his birthday during the trip. We are grateful to our friends Derek and Nichole for driving and Derek's parents, Patty and Jim. We were able to have a great vacation for next to nothing!! Shyler survived the drive there, 7 1/2 hours, and even the drive back thank goodness for cheerios and little puffs!

Patty and Jim were so nice and fed us and provided a roof over our head and she also babysat Shyler so the four of us could go skiing. She even drove out to the ski resort so I could feed Shyler mid day!! Derek and Nichole drove their car and though we were sandwiched in pretty tight, we made it. Lets just say stops were nice so we could stop and stretch our legs! Their dog summit came too. She had to get used to a little one running around and she even tried to herd Shyler around (Summit is a miniature Australian Shepard). We are so thankful to all of the Tuckers for letting us come see Jackson and visit!

We got there on Thursday afternoon and on Friday we went skiing. Tim and Derek had fun riding the new tram to the top of the mountain and skiing lots of bowls and hard stuff while Nichole and I stuck to the blues and an occasional black. Considering I am still getting the hang of skiing I was pretty proud of myself for what I went down and I only lost a ski once!!

On Sat. we just drove around and went shopping and celebrated Tim's birthday. Patty got him a yummy coffee cake and made ham and funeral potatoes for dinner. Happy birthday Tim! Sunday we made our way home and we able to avoid most weather threats.

Here are some pictures from the trip. We took a couple of us skiing but we didn't get them from Derek yet. We'll add those later.

Some of the pretty trees on the way to Teton National Park

Shyler walking around in the snow in her furry boots

Some of the pretty scenery

Shyler playing and hanging out at the Tucker's house

The Miller's at the Snake River Overlook, it was pretty cold and cloudy on Sat, so we didn't get great pictures, but we still had fun looking around
Downtown Jackson has a square and on each of the four corners there is an antler arch! Here is us under one of them.

The Snake River and some of the Teton Mountains.

When we were driving around on Sat we tried to get a picture of the ski resort. It is even bigger than what this pictures shows. Tim and Derek took the tram to the very top peak on the left and we all skiied down various runs that you can see and others too. Compared to CO skiing this resort is crazy in the fact that the base is only 6,000 ft. in elevation, but the top is 10,000 feet. That definitely makes some steep runs!

This house is part of one of the houses that were settled by some mormon settlers that were sent up to the area by the church, it is known as mormon row. It also makes for a pretty picture!