Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Missing Daddy

Well, this week Tim is in Canada for a business trip. He worked on monday and went straight to the airport and will be home on Thursday morning but will have to go straight to work, so needless to say Shyler and Amanda are missing Tim. To pass the time we went up to Fort Collins for a couple of days to visit Amanda's mom and sister. Here are some pictures nana took while we were there.
Shyler chillin' on her boppy

Chillin' on her jungle mat

Waking up looking like a little model or something
And the not so model look of a stretch and mom catching her by surprise
Did you notice how in one picture she had one arm out and then two arms out in the next? Yea she's real good at doing that, but she still won't sleep for a super long time if she's not swaddled and I can't put her down to sleep by herself yet without the wrap, we'll get there soon though. Right now she is napping on the floor unwrapped and it has been over an hour, so we're making progress.

Tim took lots of pictures so we'll have to show you some of them from his trip to Calgary, when he gets back of course. Apparently it's really similar to Denver.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! This year Tim got to celebrate his first official Father's Day. He had a great day! He got his favorite breakfast of French toast, bacon and eggs. He got some great presents, and his favorite dinner that him and his dad both love, beef stroganoff! We had Tim's whole family over for dinner and had a great time. We love our family!

On Friday Tim found this hiking backpack and a Burley bike trailer for a really good deal, we even took the trailer out for a ride on sat night. Shyler is still a little small for the backpack, but hopefully soon we can go out on the trails.

Shyler's newest trick is to get completely out of her swaddles and this time she looked like she was wearing a little toga, we couldn't resist taking a picture!

Here Shyler is helping her daddy read his father's day card and open some presents.

These are the photo blocks we made Tim for father's day

All ready for church in a cute little outfit

Sweet and Delicious!

Grandpa Miller and his two grandkids, Calvin and Shyler after a delicious dinner!

The Tractor Boys! Uncle Mel and Tim's Dad with their new hats they got for Father's day . They grew up on the farm driving Oliver 77 tractors.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sleepy Baby

So we don't really have anything exciting going on in our lives, but I thought I would put up some pictures of Shyler. Our camera was being dumb so last night we went out and bought a new one. It's not super fancy but we like it. It's a Nikon S550. So today I was playing around with it and taking some pictures of my favorite subject.

Here's Shyler with her hand in her mouth. She loves that thing and is always sucking on it!

Here is Shyler Sleeping! She just fell asleep on her blanket.
She's still sleeping so we'll see how long it actually lasts.

Last week she laughed for real out loud. It was very cute. She did it for Amanda on Thursday and on Sunday for Tim. Amanda will admit that she was almost in tears at how cute it was and at the next step her little baby took in growing up. Shyler loves to roll to her side like she is sleeping here in this picture, suck on her hands and talk now. All of these things are so cute and part of the reason Amanda never feels like she gets anything done. On Monday at the Breastfeeding group she weighed in at 12 lb 9.2 oz and we measured her at 25 in (or very close to). She is our tall and skinny baby! We are still waiting to hear back on the house we put an offer on, it's been forever! Our real estate agent is optimistic, but we are sick of the apartment and paying the inflated rent because we are now month to month, so hopefully we'll know soon!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Days!

Happy 3 Months Old!!!!

Today Shyler is 3 months old. Here she is during her morning nap. She got her arms out and had a short nap because she wakes herself up. She looks so precious when she is asleep, even if it's a short nap. Those are some of the times when you just want to stare at them and not get anything done!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Yesterday was Tim's dad's birthday, we had a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate and it was very yummy!!!! I had a picture of Shyler and her Grandpa from last night, but I deleted it on accident. But here is a picture of Grandpa putting Shyler in a grocery bag after she peed while Amanda was changing her diaper. He wanted to make sure she didn't drip on his new carpet. Tim was just going along with it all.

Shyler and her local boyfriend Wyatt. He's 2 1/2 weeks younger than her. Amanda and his mom Melanie like to hang out together, go on walks with the little ones and do craft projects together.

Wyatt totally putting the moves on Shyler (He did it all by himself). He also likes to try and suck on her arm and hold her hand. Sorry Wyatt you have a few more years before you can do that.

They wouldn't look the same direction at the same time, silly babies never do what you want them to do when you're taking their picture.