Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life with 2...

So this week Tim went back to work and I got to get used to life with 2! It was interesting and challenging at times, but we survived. The great thing is that they both will nap at the same time for about an hour to an hour and a half. That is the time when I sleep and shower! One day I didn't get that and I was a little cranky by the time Tim got home from work!

Here is Adam at one week

Here is Shyler at one week, I thought it would be fun to compare, and they are even sitting in the same little seat thing. They have really similar eyes, when they are open.

Feeling some Grandma love

Shyler is so silly. She decided she wanted a ketchup sandwich instead of the hot dog in the bun for dinner one night. She did it all on her own too, but she really only ate a couple bites before she got bored with it.

On Valentine's Day my mom and 2 of my nephews came down and made us dinner. Shyler was loving playing with Tyler and Nickle did a great job holding Adam. He even gave him a kiss! So cute to see a 10 year old be so affectionate!!

Nana Love!

Family Love on Valentine's Day

His first Valentine's Day. I was going to say his first holiday, but does Groundhog's day count, if so that was the first...

This is my little guy when I want him to be asleep! Wide eyed and very curious looking! Today he wanted to stay awake for a long time when he was supposed to be asleep while Shyler was napping.

My 2 favorite men! Tim and Adam catching a quick cat nap last night.

Shyler of course wanted to get in on the action, but she was only full of cheesy grins instead of pretend sleep!

So we are surviving and just taking it day by day. Soon we will get out of the lack of sleep stage and will feel like we can function like normal. But until then weekends are great when I don't feel guilty having Tim wake up to help put Adam back to sleep or to wake up with Shyler so I can sleep just a little bit longer. Oh the things you forget and take for granted when you don't have a newborn or young infant...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Adam Joseph Miller

He's here!!! We are finally pleased to announce the arrival of Adam Joseph Miller! He came on Tuesday February 2 at 11:36 am. He weighed 7 lb 12 oz and was 20.5 in. Mom and baby are doing great and Shyler and Daddy are also doing well and we are all excited to have this new addition in our family and are so thankful that he is healthy and happy!!! The delivery was quick and easy for Amanda. She was given pitocin at 7 to start labor, had her water broken at 9, started feeling real contractions, was a pain wuss and got an epidural, pushed through 2 contractions and out he came at 11:36. If only all deliveries were as nice as this one was!

Shyler is loving her baby brother. She loves to hug him and kiss him and especially hold him. She is doing pretty well considering all of the new changes and she is being such a helper as well. She does like to show off when we have visitors and run around like crazy and get their attention, and she does like mommy to do stuff with her like change her diaper, but she is at least sleeping well and showing signs that she loves her brother!

We are just adjusting to the middle of the night feedings now and trying to get sleep and enjoy our time together as a family! Thank you to all of you who have sent your love and congrats our way!

Our family
Little Adam
Shyler showing what a good helper she is, He's hungry!

She really wanted to hold him
One day old with the family
She finally got her way
She loved pointing out all of his different parts, like his nose!
Giving him a big hug!
Photo Shoot! They were showing off their coordinating shirts!

Ready for the super bowl, 5 days old!