Monday, March 31, 2008

The end of a long weekend

The bride, Andrea, Amanda and Shyler
This past weekend was quite the experience as Amanda was in the wedding of her friend Andrea. It was an adventure as we tried surviving the schedule of a bride to be and a newborn. It worked out and luckily Shyler was ok taking a bottle. By the end of it all we were tired and glad to be home and back into our regular routine.

Daddy Daughter Dance
At the reception after the Father danced with the Bride they had another special dance. They played "My Girl" and had all of the fathers and daughters dance. This was Tim and Shyler's first dance. It was very cute!

Great Grandma Irwin and Shyler

Our last stop on our way home was a visit to Shyler's Great-Grandma Irwin. She was really happy to see Shyler for the first time, as were all of the other ladies that saw her.

Shyler in her Blessing Dress

Yesterday Shyler was able to be blessed. She was a good baby and didn't cry or make any noises while Tim was giving the blessing. She wasn't asleep as planned, but at least she didn't cry. We were lucky to have many friends and family there to witness such a wonderful occasion in our young baby's life. If you notice how she is laying in the picture you will see that she doesn't like to look straight up, she always rotates onto her side, silly baby.

4 weeks old

Today she is 4 weeks old!!!! We can't even believe how quickly time has passed. People keep saying she looks so tiny, but for us who look at her everyday we can't believe how big she is getting. She also got to try out her swing for the first time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

For Shyler's first Easter she got an easter basket filled with candy, stuffed animals and 101 Dalmatians the movie. She was excited. Amanda took her around while Tim recorded her first egg hunt around the living room.

Here we are all ready to go to church with our little angel. She got a pretty pink dress from Grandma and Grandpa. Her tights and shoes were a little big, but they still worked. Luckily she didn't mess up her dress at all and she got to wear it all day long.

Shyler got this little bath robe. It is still so big for her, but she looks so cute after her baths when you wrap her up in it. It's been nice because then she doesn't have to stay warm in a damp towel.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Baby Pictures

As Promised here are some more pictures of Shyler

A great yawn from her!

Grandpa Miller holding her and her cousin Calvin

Calvin joining Shyler in the crib - reminds me of Godzilla

Shyler with her Nana

Shyler holding her Ram - we need to start her young!!

A happy mommy with her baby!!

A tired Daddy with Shyler

Grandma Miller with Shyler

Really all that is going on with us still getting used to having a baby in the house with us. It has been difficult to start out, but as the days are going by we think we are getting the hang of it better and things are going well. Tim has gone back to work this week which has presented a new array of challenges for Amanda getting used to being home all day with Shyler. All is going well for us and even though there are challenges, we seem to be making it through them and every time we see her it makes all the challenges worth it. We are sooooooo thankful for all the help we have received recently from family and friends, it means the world to us and thank you so much, you have made this transition much easier for us. As more things happen we will try and keep you all up to date!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First night

Our first night at home. Here is one more picture we just took and you can see all of her hair and her pretty eyes!

She's here

She's here!!!!
Shyler was born on Monday at 11:40 am after mommy was induced. She has lots of pretty brown hair and blueish eyes, for now.
Thing's went well and the 3 of us are now at home. We're working on lots of things expecially the lack of sleep. We'll get more pictures up soon.
For now this is the announcement that Amanda's mom made for us!