Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas, New Years, and Tim's Birthday....

After a busy couple of weeks we are slowing down a little. We had a great Christmas and enjoyed our time together as a family. The kids also loved getting presents and spending time with Grandma Grandpa and Nana all day!! Adam has taken a special liking to Grandpa, he even prefers him over mommy sometimes! That is shocking considering how attached he is to me!

We had a great time with Tim home from work for 11 days and we spent a lot of time together. The kids and I were ready to relax once he went back to work.
While he was home we went to the blossoms of light, Fort Collins for our friend Augustine's 1st birthday and dinner with the Fournier's, New Year's with some friends from church, Tim got a ski day at Winter Park, lots of present wrapping, and Christmas of course!

This week was Tim's birthday. He was excited to watch the BCS Championship game, but since we don't have cable his parents were happy to have us over and they even offered to cook his favorite Stroganoff for dinner! He was also given 6 inches of snow for his birthday that Shyler and I had fun shoveling and playing in. And the week before we got to go to an Av's game. They didn't play great but we were spoiled again to sit super close!

Our biggest news and Adam's present to Tim is that we decided that he is officially a walker now! On Tim's birthday he really started walking around much more and doing it on his own. So we have a walker now!!!!

Here are some pics of what's been happening!

Grandma and Shyler at the Blossom's of Light at the Botanic Gardens
My Handsome boys ready for church
Super Grandpa! Tim's dad was excited to get his super-man snuggie for Christmas
G and G helping Adam open presents on Christmas
Shyler and her pretty dress my mom made her opening Christmas presents
Shyler and Mommy snow angels! Her very first one!
Helping shovel, or should I say sweep

Happy Birthday Tim! I found him a shirt that matches Adam exactly!!! I'm excited to have them match... pictures to follow!

Go Av's!!!!

Matching Family PJ's!!! Our friends Becky and Cody got us matching family PJ's, they are so fun!!!!
We aren't slowing down yet as we get ready for little A's big day!!!! the big one!!!! He's having a super bowl party, mostly because that is the day that works best, but it will be fun to tell him later on in life I guess.