Monday, February 18, 2008

Still here!!!

Amanda took this one herself, but this is at 38 weeks, big, round, and uncomfortable!

Just so you know, we are both still here, and it's still just the both of us. Amanda is impatiently waiting for the baby to get out of her! She can't wait to get it out of her! Today makes 9 more days until the due date though. She finally looks pregnant and is not a happy pregnant lady. Any of you men that have dealt with a pregnant wife probably understand.

This is Amanda's Valentine's Day card to Tim. She took the idea from Denise, she tried to make it look cute, but she is no Denise ;-)

One day Amanda was bored and curled her hair and put make-up on and took pictures to put in the card/book thingy. This is one of the pages with lyrics to a song on the other side. It was fun for her to try to be creative and tell Tim how much she loves him!

On Friday we went to Salt Grass Steakhouse for a Valentine's Dinner. We both splurged and got steaks, even Amanda who has probably ordered a steak 2 times in her life now! We also got dessert, a piece of to die for cheesecake with white chocolate and strawberry sauce drizzled on top. Definitely worth it! We also went to a movie and saw Fool's Gold. A cute movie with Matthew Machanehey (or however you spell that) and Kate Hudson. We figured that it might be the last time we can do that and not have a child to worry about, so we took advantage of it.

Amanda has been a little bored waiting for the baby to come. She's hasn't been working and normally would enjoy the time off and the freedom except that the suspense is killing her!!! She's been trying to keep the house ready and get all of the baby stuff ready. Other things she does are craft projects, reading lots of baby books, and looking for a house for us to buy in April or May hopefully, but there is nothing like waiting for something when you have no idea when it will be here!!! Hopefully the next time we remember to blog it is about a new little baby girl. And you all can finally learn her name!!!

Some of her cute clothes waiting for her to come so we can wash them and she can wear them