Sunday, July 27, 2008

rockies, indians, and barbies

So for the past couple of weeks we have been pretty busy. We've gotten to do lots of fun stuff and get ready for our big move into our house! We're still keeping our fingers crossed that everything works out, but hopefully we'll be closing on Monday at 4, finally! Here's a look in picture of some of the things we've done.

We got to babysit Calvin for Sarah and Roger so they could go to the temple. It was a lot of fun and Shyler is playing better with her cousin and other babies. It was also a reminder that we don't want another one yet. She's catching up to him, soon she'll be taller than him! He does have 6 months on her though.
We tried swimming again. This time it was a warm sunny day and Shyler liked the water much better. Here's a tip, don't take a baby straight into the middle of the pool. They like to ease into it.
On Thursday the 17th, Amanda and Shyler drove down to Castle Rock to visit Lexi and Dre Lund and Shannon Read met us there. The little ones had fun playing, but didn't really play with each other. One day they actually will. Lexi is rolling all over and just starting to sit on her own. It was neat to see what Shyler will be doing in just a few weeks.
Last weekend we did a lot of packing, we tried to pack Shyler, but she didn't want to be packed just yet.
On Tuesday the 22, Shyler got to go to her first baseball game. It was a great game to watch because the Rockies beat the Dodgers 10-1. Shyler missed the 6-8th innings while she slept, but we still had a great time.

Then on Thursday we headed up to Cheyenne for Frontier Days. We stayed with Amanda's Friend Becky and her husband Cody. In the morning we got to enjoy the free pancake breakfast along with 10,000 other people. After the breakfast we walked around downtown and even toured the state capital.
We went to the Indian village and watched some traditional Native American dancing, went inside a real tepee and Shyler climbed the tree!
Our week is almost over. On Sat. we went to Tim's little sister's bridal shower. Karen and Andreas are getting married on Aug. 16. One of the games we played was to create a wedding dress for Barbie. Tim's mom, Shyler and I tried, but sadly we were not voted into the top 3, Maybe next time.
So that is some of our crazy life lately. We are excited for tomorrow and as soon as we sign our life away with a house and a mortgage we'll let you all know and even put up some pictures. If you're around and free and want to help, we'll be moving in on Sat. Aug 2!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


On Friday Shyler went to her first pool party hosted by our ward at church. She had a good time minus the wind and cold weather that crashed the party.

Shyler and her daddy, cold and ready to get out

Mommy keeping Shyler dry and warm

Shyler and her two friends, Hyrum wasn't being very nice, and Wyatt didn't seem too interested.

Hyrum was at least thoughtful enough to apologize

Move over Wyatt there's a new man in town!

Monday, July 07, 2008

messy messy

La la la I can't hear you!

Happy 4th of July! Shyler and Tim at a softball game for Amanda's sister's ex-husband's niece's softball game. (We wanted to see Amanda's niece Tori and Nephew Nickle, and they were coming down to watch their cousin Katrina)

The first messy messy picture. A little gross, but Shyler spit up onto her arm and then touched her forehead with it, and came out with a funny face!

Go RAMS!!! Shyler finaly fits (sort of) into one of the CSU onesies she got at her baby shower.

Messy messy girl! SHyler got to try rice cereal on Sat and really loved making a mess! She likes getting food put into her mouth like mommy and daddy get, and she's still getting used to the idea of taking the bite and swallowing, but ut was a fun experience!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

4 months and Canada

Today Shyler had her 4 month check up and will be 4 months tomorrow. She is a chart topping 26 inches long and is well into the 90th % and is 13 lbs 12 oz for the 50th %. She is growing up so fast!

Sleeping with mommy

Attacking mommy's chin, an easy target, but still she got me good

This is the river that runs through the city. There is also an island that you can go out on that has all kinds of animals and vegetation.

For example, you might come across a black squirrel.

Since Calgary is so far north, in the summer it stays light very late.
Any guesses on what time this was taken?

8:30 pm!
That is why Tim had a hard time going to sleep it felt like it was 2 hours earlier than it was. Tim had a good time while he was out there. Since he was in a class all day long he didn't get much sightseeing in, but enjoyed the time he did have out there. He said it reminded him a lot of Denver. But now he's home and Amanda and Shyler are so glad to have him back!