Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! We are such slackers... but we have been so busy having fun together as a family and getting ready for Christmas to come. We have been to a few holiday parties with friends, shopping and spending time with family. We are staying busy during the week wrapping presents, making a few presents and trying to keep the kids sane by not staying in. It has been super nice and I have even attempted to run a few times... yeah after the homecoming race I lost all motivation and came up with many excuses. But since it feels like we are in some tropical... well maybe more like a warm climate I told myself I should probably take advantage of it. I was also justifying that on the few days that it was cold that Just Dance 2 was a great alternative! It's also fun! Shyler is doing great. She loves her princesses still and going to the library and dancing and helping me. Adam is also great. He is trying to walk but is a little timid. He took a lot of steps to Tim last night. It is funny to see him so cautious. Shyler was a no fear type of baby and he takes a little more time to be adventurous. I finally have him on a good schedule. Too bad he likes to nap from about 10:30 to 11:30 or so... just in time for lunch, then in theory, Shyler should nap, then he goes down. So we do spend a lot of time at home. But like today I had to mail some things and we didn't get home until 11 so after a snack he wasn't asleep until 11:20. He's pretty flexible. He also doesn't sleep through the night which is sad, but hard to fix without having Shyler screaming back at him... or having her in our room which is most nights. We'll figure it out one day. Tim is excited to have a nice long vacation! He only has to work tomorrow then has 10 days off!!!! We are excited to have him home too! He has also been enjoying figuring out our new computer! We got a mac and love it, even though we don't even know its full potential but there are a lot of things we know it can do! We should try to make a movie!
Well Merry Christmas to all!!!

We got a recent picture on Sunday of all of the cousins. L to R
Kimberly, Scarlette, Adam, Shyler, Ethan, and Calvin