Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am Still Alive!!

For all you you who might read this and I haven't seen since Mike and Carly's wedding, I am still alive and very busy, but you also know my blogging habits and know that my post are not frequent at all.

Believe it or not I am finally in my last semester and am looking forward to graduation even more everyday. Lucky for me I have already got a job lined up and now a place to live. I will be working at Washington Group International, which is an engineering consulting company. I will be working in their industrial process division, meaning I will get to work a lot with oil and gas applications. Amanda and I will be living in Northglen for our first year in Denver. She is still going to be working in Fort Collins a few days a week so it will be an easier commute for her and I am going to ride the bus to work.

I just finished Spring Break during which I spent 4 days working, 2 skiing and one relaxing. The two skiing were a ton of fun and hot, but good spring skiing. The four working were spent catching up on homework and working on my senior design project.

I am very excited about the topic of my design project. My group was assigned the task of designing a 100 million gal per year biodiesel plant. This in and of itself is something that has already been done...the new part it that instead of using plant oils to make the biodiesel we are using algae as a feedstock and making the biodiesel. The other bonus is that the the algae would use carbon dioxide from power plant to grow therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This on paper sounds like a brilliant idea in reducing our dependence on foreign oil and stopping global warming but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make it a feasible solution to those problems. I have really like working with biofeuls and I hope that with the new push for renewable energy by the governor that maybe some more biofeul projects will come my way.

Well it is about that time to get going and get ready for another busy day of school, senior design and now FE Reviews. Hope everyone is doing well and maybe I'll update soon.