Monday, August 03, 2009

Shyler's news

We haven't been up to too much around here at the Miller house, but we still have been busy. A couple of weeks ago Tim and Shyler got to go up to Estes Park with a coworker from out of town. They had fun playing at the park and brought home a big box of salt water taffy, yummy!

On the 23rd of July Tim and I went to a concert! We saw Taylor Swift at Cheyenne Frontier Days. It was for the most part a great concert, minus me fainting! So we were in standing room only and it was a little hot and I was a little dehydrated and I rested my head on Tim's shoulder and down I went, more explanation at the end of the blog. Props to the security guys they were real quick to help and lifted me over the guard rail since I had passed out again and walked with us to first aid where I got some water and powerade and was good to go! Luckily I passed out during the opening act, Kellie Pickler, and we were ready for Taylor Swift. After I recovered we hung out in the back and found a good place to sit if I got tired. It was a fun time and it was great to be out all night without little miss Shyler. We stayed at our friends Becky and Cody's house and woke up early for the FREE pancake breakfast, that was yummy too! We left Shyler for the first time over night and she did really well. She stayed with my sister Kelli in Fort Collins and got to play with her cousins and go swimming and stay up late! We're glad Kelli could help us like that and that Shyler was so good for her.

Here we are at the breakfast!

This summer I have been trying to keep Shyler busy because if not she gets bored, what a surprise. We try to go to park days with people from church, we have gone to the zoo and we go swimming with our friends from the breastfeeding support group. She also loves to play with other kids, and we are working on the no hitting and sharing with others.

Saturday was our ward pool party and she had a blast swimming with her daddy! She was mad when we took her out, but she was shaking pretty bad because she was so cold!

Our biggest news that Shyler wants to share is that she is going to be a big sister! She doesn't really show it yet, or know it, but she is excited!!!

Tim and I are excited too! So it has been fun, ok not fun, this summer dealing with the first trimester yuckiness but we're getting through it and I've become the queen of napping when Shyler naps! Today we are 14 weeks and we are excited about our due date of Feb 1, but we are hoping for the 2nd so we can have a 3/3 baby and a 2/2 baby!!! I love number patterns like that!

I look especially tired today because someone wanted to wake up at 6:30!!! Not my idea of fun! So another reason why I probably passed out at the concert with the other factors is that I have a little baby taking up all of my energy! Don't worry the doctor said the baby should be fine after my little ordeal.