Friday, April 25, 2008

New Picture

Amanda and I both love this picture so much we couldn't wait for another post to put it up. This is Shyler exercising her neck muscles!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7 weeks

Yesterday Shyler was 7 weeks old! She's getting so big. At the breast feeding support group she weighed in at 9 lbs 15 oz, she's pretty much a 10 pounder.

Most days after she eats she gets time to play and she loves to play on her little rain forest play mat that Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Karen got her. She is getting good at hitting the black and white cat looking thing because it sings to you when you hit it. She also LOVES to stare and bat at the orange and purple butterflies that hang down.

This weekend will be another big one for Shyler as we make our way back up to Fort Collins. We plan to take her to her first track meet at CSU on Saturday and then to church on Sunday so she can meet some more of our friends. So if you are reading this and you're in Fort Collins, make sure you call or go to one of those 2 places so we can see you!!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

1 Month Old

On Thursday April 3, Shyler was 1 month old! On Friday we took her to get pictures taken. We went to the Target portrait studio and it wasn't too bad. Very cheap, and we even got in on some pictures with her.

(Amanda trying to be a photographer, but this was her outfit)
On Monday Amanda took her to a breastfeeding support group they have at the hospital and we weighed her, she's up to 9lbs 3 oz. She's getting so big!

Not much else is going on in our lives. We are in the hunt for a house to buy and are anticipating that next big event in our lives. We hope it will happen so we can move towards the end of May, but we'll see. We hope you all are doing well!