Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 weeks or less....

Amanda officially has a countdown going. She is at 36 weeks and ready for this baby to get out of her. According to the doctor he will induce if she is a week late, so do the math, we have at most 5 weeks left until our little one joins us, hopefully less. She is getting more uncomfortable with back aches and those Brackston Hick's contractions, luckily Tim is a trooper and is very supportive.

Things are going well, today was Amanda's last day of work, Tim took Daddy boot camp class so he should be even more prepared and we got baby walkie talkies this weekend (most people know them as baby monitors, but to Tim they are baby walkie talkies)! I think we're ready...are you ever?

Other exciting news is that we got a video camera. We've been talking about it for a while and we finally just went and bought one the other night. It's a Sony HandyCam 108DVD. Tim has been playing with it, but we'll let you know how we like it. It's not a super fancy one and it's been easy to use so far. We just hope we are able to record some of our baby's first moments, and take it with us on trips, or wherever else.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

She's a She

On Friday Amanda went in for her regular appointment to see the doctor. He measured her a little small and wanted to have her get an ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. Well we took that as a perfect opportunity to double check that she is a she....
(You can sort of see the arrow pointing out the obvious area)

The baby measured at 4 lb 12 oz and is at 34 weeks for the gestational age, maybe she'll be early, (Amanda can only hope). So with 7 weeks left the two of them are doing great.

Also on Friday Tim got to go skiing at Breckenridge. With all of the snow they have been getting it was some of the best skiing he's seen in a while. He was knee deep in powder, but of course him and Derek forgot the camera.

Saturday Amanda and the baby got spoiled at a baby shower. It was a fun time and Amanda was glad to see some of her friends and the baby is excited for her cute and fun new stuff.

Here are the people that were able to make it

One of the gifts was a CSU cheerleading outfit from Kat, Go Rams!

Thank you to those that were able to come and for the wonderful words of advice and presents!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

We hope you are having a wonderful new year!! We spent the last night of 2007 hanging out with our friends Tyler and Shannon. We went to Chili's when Amanda got off work, played games, and rung in the new year with sparkling cider. Then we went to sleep, well Amanda slept and Tim stayed up watching a movie.

Amanda went to the doctor for her 32 week check up and is still growing. Everything seems to be going well and we are excited to see our little bundle of joy in approximately 8 weeks!!!

Last night we got to go to the Nuggets game, they were played the defending champions, The San Antonio Spurs. It was a fun early birthday present for Tim and his sister Karen from their parents.
Us smiling after a close finish and a Nuggets win!!

Tim's Uncle Mel excited over the victory!!! He's a true fan!