Friday, June 25, 2010

At the aquarium!

First of all, it is officially summer, it is hot, we have no a/c and poor little Adam gets so hot! He won't give up the swaddle just yet so I do my "summer swaddle" and leave his legs out. He's so silly, but he is doing great most days when I just lay him down for a nap. He hardly screams and when he does it is only for a couple of minutes. Nothing compared to Shyler, who would scream for 20 minutes sometimes. Cross my fingers that he keeps it up! We also had to take out the bumper after I went in and found him rolled over on his tummy still wrapped with his face in the corner... just a little scary! Most of the time he can get his arms out though, and we are trying to phase out the swaddle with our little wiggle worm!

We love our friends Joe and Tiffany, we also love that they got passes to the zoo and aquarium and invite us to go along. Shyler loves Madi and they play well together and have such fun, so this trip to the aquarium was pretty fun. Even Adam seemed to like looking at the fish!

Adam loved being a big boy sitting in the front of the stroller and seeing everything, especially since Shyler wouldn't sit in it since Madi wasn't in one. It worked though.

Tiffany, Shyler, Madi, and Grandma Angie (Tiffany's mom) checking out the fish!With the pass they get to get a face painting, Shyler picked a pink turtle! Can you tell she was into pink that day. It flip flops between pink and purple and sometimes blue!
Madi got a pink monkey on her leg. Neither of them were too excited for the airbrush machine to spray it on, but they survived and Shyler wouldn't stop talking about it!!!! She can't wait to get another one!
We are just trying to stay cool and busy. Some days we just have so much to do around the house, but we have been keeping busy for sure! We do love playing with our friends though! Shyler needs to bug someone besides Adam and I need adult conversation!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Maybe I'll be better at blogging...

Enjoying the beautiful mountains on a hike on Memorial Day. Shyler got a little tired, but don't let the picture fool you, she only was like that for 5 minutes!
She loved trying to feed Adam a bottle, but he does not love taking them, in fact he really doesn't take one.
Shyler loved having her cousin Tyler come to visit. She played in the water and learned how to spray him!
And they had a great time going to the zoo together. But I do have to thank my friend Tiffany for letting us come with her and her pass!
Happy 4 months!!!!!
Now that Adam is 4 months we thought we would try cereal. He seemed interested and ready so...

... he was messy, but he liked the idea of being a big boy I think!

At his visit he did great and has similar stats as Shyler did, at least in the percentile category because boys are just a little bit bigger.
Weight- 15 lb 6 oz - 50%
Height- 26 inches - 75- 90th%, maybe a little shorter