Monday, June 12, 2006

Not quite a month

I was almost a regular blogger but alas I have returned to my once a month posts. I don't feel so bad because the "regulars" have slacked off as well.

Since my last post I have moved from my last place to the married student housing. Luckily Amanda and I do not have to much stuff and it turned out to be a pretty simple move. I have also started my internship at a chemical manufactturing company out of Mead. I really enjoy the job so far I just have to drive to their office in Longmont everyday which can become tedious. It is a small company of only about 150 employees. Right now they are expanding to two new sites in Longmont and Hudson (its on the eastern plains) and so a majority of my projects have dealt with that. We inherited the site in Longmont so I had to go around and see its production capabilities and what was needed to do to start production. I also worked on a layout of the new facility. My biggest project has been to work on environmental emission factors which estimate how many bad chemical are going into the atmosphere and if it is within our permit. The past two days I have been unloading trucks coming into Hudson with our new equipment. You know it is a small company when the engineers are unloading the semis.

That is enough with the work stuff. A few weeks ago Amanda introduced me to the great sport of mountain biking. Before then I have ridden bikes and some off-road but never on hiking paths and through streams and stuff. Needless to say I had a blast and as long as I can afford it I plan on continuing the sport. We also had the great opportunity of going the Rockies/Dodgers game where the Rockies actually won. We went last Friday and had great seats. Amanda got a little money for graduation so she decided ot spend some of it on a Rockies game. We were able to sit one row behind the cameras next to the dugout on the 1st base side!! I have never been that close. It was as close as watching the game on TV but getting balls hit your direction. We found the tickets on a market place on the Rockies' website where season ticket holders can sell their tickets they are not using at face value. So we sat in $45 seats for $35 after the service charge. (Note there is a 30% service charge so the tickets were only $27)

Well that is all for now I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to see y'all soon.