Thursday, March 26, 2009


So we finally got some real snow here, they say we are going to get a foot! I'll believe it when I see it, but so far we have like 3 inches of the good wet and heavy stuff and Shyler got to use her snow pants and play in the snow. We've tried it a little bit before, but today was the first day with the pants my mom got her. She even willingly put gloves on! It was OK until she slipped and fell, and then a glove came off and every time she touched the cold wet white stuff she freaked out. So, it was a short adventure, but it was fun to watch her freak out at the snow and explore a little. For now I think she would much rather stay inside and look out the window and point! Luckily her snow pants are gigantic and even though they say 12 months on them, hopefully they will fit next year too, we can hope at least.

Not really sure why she randomly takes a pacifier and sticks it in her mouth, but this morning she did and then she dropped it somewhere, and will one day find it and stick it in her mouth for 5 minutes.

She got her pants on, and was not really happy about them, but she survived

All ready to go outside!

Walking to the snow!! Her coat and pants look so big on her but they are only 12 months and I would think they should be a little smaller on her.

Walking around the driveway

Making sure mommy is nearby, still not sure about this stuff

And then she fell


Actually a lot of her day has been spent crying, "Mommy, pick me up!" I'm sure your kids have gone through this phase, but she is being super duper needy and clingy, even more so than normal. Not my favorite part about her, but she still has her cute moments and I know one day she'll get over it, and one day I'll even wish I still had it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

She makes us laugh

Shyler makes us laugh, a lot!!! She loves to be a big girl and use and wear all of the things we use. Some of her favorites are playing with the cell phone, remote control, and oven mitts, you name it...

Sunday night it was all about wearing daddy's socks, she thought that was so cool

After her bath on sunday morning she also decided she needed to continue wearing her towel while she played in her room

She also loves to play in her closet, opening and closing the doors and putting stuff in her shopping cart

and today she decided she needed to go shopping again, so was carrying all of our reusable grocery bags around on her shoulder, she had like 5 of them

ok mom, lets go...

Monday, March 09, 2009

A crazy birthday week

So after Shyler's party on Sunday we ended up having a crazy week.

First the craziest thing... of all of our family that came to Shyler's part and a couple others that couldn't make it, 11 out of 20 people ended up with something yucky. We are going with the stomach flu because 3 people who were not at the party and 1 who came and didn't eat anything got sick. They all had all of the yucky symptoms of the stomach flu. We felt so bad that so many people got sick and will always have a story to tell Shyler about her first birthday. Luckily Shyler and I didn't get sick so we are pretty happy about that, but Tim did. To make it worse for Tim he was on a business trip near Green River, WY and was sick. Poor Tim! Luckily everyone has recovered and we hope that we didn't get anyone else sick.

Second Ccazy thing... While Tim was gone I got the bright idea that I should surprise him and repaint our bedroom. I have spent 7 months staring at this awful chair rail border and I figured instead of complaining more about it I would surprise him and do it myself! I took advantage of the nice weather and convinced my mom to come down and help and I was ready to go. My mom unfortunately got hit with the stomach flu bug a little and ended up out of commission for most of the work. With a little extra help from my sister- in- law Karen watching Shyler and me staying up until 1, I finished in time. When Tim came home I told him I had a surprise in the bedroom and he just thought it was new comforter... I fooled him!!!

Third crazy thing... Shyler's One Year check-up. So this wasn't super crazy, just created a cranky child after she got her shots. Here are her stats though...
Length 31.5" = > 97%
Weight 19 lb 3 oz = 10-25 %
So, as if you didn't already know it, we have a long skinny baby!

So after those crazy happenings and Tim coming home we were almost back to a normal level of craziness! Here are some pictures of Shyler eating birthday cake take 2 and some of the work I did in our room!

Picking at the cake

I'm not so sure about this stuff

I like the fork better

Classic Shyler smooshy face

All done!

Our doorway before

Bed area before

The second layer of border

Door area after

Bed area after

New quilt up close

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Fun Birthday Party!

Shyler is almost 1! On Sunday we had family over and celebrated this exciting time. We can't even believe how fast this past year has flown by, and now our little princess is now a walking talking independent toddler! Here are 12 fun facts about Shyler for every month she has been alive.

1. Shyler loves cheese! Mac and cheese, quesadillas, and grilled cheese are some of her favorites
2. She loves to hug her friends
3. She loves the phone and even calls people
4. She loves holding and carrying around stuffed animals and her baby doll
5. She loves to sleep with a blanket, a washcloth, and now a stuffed animal
6. The swing and slide at the park seem to scare her
7. She loves bath time and runs into the bathroom when she hears the water running
8. She is good at bringing you things when you ask her nicely
9. She loves to point and say, "What's that?"
10. She is afraid of the vacuum when it's running, but loves to help sweep the floor
11. She is so strong and can knock you over
12. She loves dirt and grass and wishes her mommy would let her eat it and play in it more often

Her butterfly cake I made for her

Nobody got a good picture of her eating her cupcake because she didn't eat it!!!! She put her hand down on the frosting and it freaked her out and didn't want anything to do with the cupcake. We'll try it again on Tuesday...

Shyler and her cousin playing with her new car. She likes to play with it, but not sit on it, pretty funny to see her reaction when you try to put her on it.

Her new phone, she was quick to start talking on it

Playing with her new puzzles

She had a fun time at her party, minus the cake part. We are so happy our family was able to be there with her to celebrate and we can't wait to celebrate many more with her. One other thing that we are so excited about it is her time capsule. We are having her family write her a letter or put things together to go in a time capsule for her to open on her 18th birthday! It was neat to see some of the stuff people thought of to put in there. I hope everyone will be able to be around to see her open it, but I am so happy that she will have something special just for her from the people that love her!