Sunday, July 08, 2007

What's New

I am not used to posting so close together so I really don't know what to talk about. I am still working at my job and have finally been assigned a project. I will work on designing a natural gas plant for the next few weeks for a location in the Middle East. My company designs a lot of these plants to make natural gas usable. It has been very interesting learning about this process. I never knew there were so many factors that went into refining natural gas and so many different situations to consider. I am looking forward to getting the chance to work with a team and accomplishing a task that hopefully, in a few years will result in a plant that produces billions of cubic feet of natural gas for people in the Middle East.

Enough about work now what is going on in m life. Since I have been working I have not done a whole lot. Once I come home from work I do a few things around the house and then usually watch a movie on T.V. and a Rockies game. I think this is because for the past three years every day when I would come home there would be some assignment, reading or project I would need to work on. Now I can come and forget about work and it is okay. I like that feeling and hopefully I will start doing something more productive with my time like reading, or some other type of hobby. I need to find one now that I am no longer in school. I have considered taking up skeet shooting. The few times I have done it have been a blast, we will see. If anyone has a suggestion for a hobby I am wide open right now.

Amanda has still been commuting to Fort Collins and other than a lot of stupid drivers on I-25 she doesn't seem to mind the commute much. We were able to help out at a 5K that benefited Parkinson's and Breast Cancer, that was organized through her work. I was very successful and everyone who was there really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Over the 4th we went and saw Transformers and then went to a BBQ at one of my friend's from high school house. The movie was awesome and if it wasn't so expensive I would see it again. I really thought it very well done. It had a few corny parts but all in all it was amazing, I really hope a second is coming soon. The BBQ was fun and my friend has a house that overlooks all of the city from Westminster. We were able to see all the firework displays at Invesco, Coors Field, Littleton and many other city displays. We could also see lots of personal displays that were going on. It was great except you couldn't hear the explosions or smell the sulfur which is two of my favorite things about fireworks.

We were also able to go to Water World which was fun because it has been so hot here. It wasn't too crowded in the morning so we got to all the cool rides first, and then the lines formed and we had to wait a little while. The lines weren't too bad at all during the day and we had a blast. The only down side was the blazing hot sidewalk that scorched my feet. I wish they could do something about that.

Well that is all of my random thoughts for the time being but if anyone has any hobby suggestions let me know because I am definitely looking for one.