Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It has happened

Just as we thought, Shyler has her mother's chin!!!! She loves to make this crooked smile and show off her two little teeth and her chin!!! She also LOVED eating her little biter biscuit that made a huge mess!

Also, Amanda would like to let you all know that she is now obsessed!!! She started reading the Twilight series of books and now Tim doesn't really have a wife and Shyler barely has a mom. She is obsessed. Unfortunately for her she only borrowed the first 2 books from her sister and niece and now she has to wait to get the other 2! So for now she's back to the land of the living and Shyler and Tim are happy again. She is going to see the movie on Friday with some of the other obsessed women she goes to church with. Funny story though, last night we saw a story about the movie on the news and they were talking about all the teenage girls obsessed with this movie ... she felt a little silly being on the same level as the 13 year old girls, but oh well. There are others out there like her...Cheramie...Melanie... Valarie... just to name of few of our fellow bloggers. It's just fun sometimes to get engrossed in a book or a series of books, it's good for you, it keeps your mind sharp!

Monday, November 03, 2008

2 new posts!!!!


Trick or treat! Shyler helping carve the pumpkin and play in the pumpkin guts!

Shyler trying to eat the pumpkin

Our first attempt at carving our pumpkin. Unfortunately the pumpkin was a little soft and we messed up a lot...
So Tim carved the other side as a back up!

Shyler ready to pass out Halloween candyHehehe... Shyler ready to eat Halloween candy!

Hanging out waiting for Trick or Treaters. Shyler found Tim's inhaler once we took away the candy.

Helping daddy take the pumpkin outside.
She also discovered she could stick her tongue in her cheek. Which combined with her trying to eat candy with peanuts in it ended up freaking us out. Luckily Tim watched her pop her tongue back and forth into her cheek and we could breathe a sigh of relief. Otherwise we thought we were going to have to take her to an urgent care for a peanut allergy attack.

Tim mohawked her hair and you can kind of see it in this picture. Also if you notice she's playing with an Easter basket and eggs. Her new favorite toy, someone should tell her it's the wrong time of year for that...


So we've been quite the slackers, sorry. We have a good excuse, sort of. In the last month Shyler has been sick twice!!!! once it was just a fever maybe from teething, but last week Shyler and Amanda had pretty bad colds, luckily we are pretty much recovered, minus the cough.
We have lots of pictures to share though...

Shyler making her smoochy face. It is really fun to watch and see, but hard to get on camera

For some reason Shyler wanted to play in her exersaucer and not in it. Lately she prefers to stand up next to it and play with the toys anyways.

A couple weeks ago we got to watch Calvin all day while Sarah went to the temple. It wasn't too bad, most of the afternoon one of them was awake and the other one was napping.

Grandma and her little Bronco fans, too bad they keep losing!

Shyler and her Grandpa at their Trunk or Treat

Shyler and her Grandma trying to give her a kiss

Tinkerbell and Dumbo

Shyler got her face painted, it was a little green star. She actually was really good while she painted it.

Trunk or Treat!!! We took Shyler trunk to trunk to experience her first Trunk or Treat. Mostly we were excited to eat her candy! She did good holding the bucket until she realized there was stuff in it.
Then Calvin and Shyler sat in Grandma and Grandpa's Trunk!