Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy Halloween and Daddy Time!!!

The day Tim was scheduled to come in we received our first snow storm of the season. Six inches and none of it stuck to the driveway or sidewalks!!! The perfect storm! Well, except for the wet heavy snow that broke our poor peach tree. We hope it will survive! The kids had fun out in the snow. Well, Shyler loved it, Adam couldn't get over getting stuck in the snow and getting his gloves covered in snow. Luckily Tim got in later that night with only an hour delay and we had a fun weekend with him!

Tim came home to take a big test for work. So with him he brought lots of big heavy books and the kids loved his fort he made. He is way better at it than I was!

We had fun picking out designs and carving our pumpkins grown in our own backyard!!!

Saturday we also got family pictures taken by our good friend Katelyn Roberts. I love them!!!! There are many more that I love!

We went to the trunk or treat at Tim's parent's church and met two of his sisters there too.
The little ones had fun playing some of the games, but mostly just dancing!

Four little kids do not pose together very well

Shyler and Grandma were both brides!

Tim only stayed until Sunday night, but we loved every minute we had with him and we are super glad it is only a 3 week gap between trips this time!

Halloween is now the favorite holiday for both of the kids. They are little sugar babies and Adam caught on quickly to the trunk or treating and was a pro on Halloween. Shyler was quick to ring the doorbell at each house, but luckily they remembered their manners each time and said thank you!
Adam was a little Bronco and Shyler was a "Bride Marry Girl"!