Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! We are such slackers... but we have been so busy having fun together as a family and getting ready for Christmas to come. We have been to a few holiday parties with friends, shopping and spending time with family. We are staying busy during the week wrapping presents, making a few presents and trying to keep the kids sane by not staying in. It has been super nice and I have even attempted to run a few times... yeah after the homecoming race I lost all motivation and came up with many excuses. But since it feels like we are in some tropical... well maybe more like a warm climate I told myself I should probably take advantage of it. I was also justifying that on the few days that it was cold that Just Dance 2 was a great alternative! It's also fun! Shyler is doing great. She loves her princesses still and going to the library and dancing and helping me. Adam is also great. He is trying to walk but is a little timid. He took a lot of steps to Tim last night. It is funny to see him so cautious. Shyler was a no fear type of baby and he takes a little more time to be adventurous. I finally have him on a good schedule. Too bad he likes to nap from about 10:30 to 11:30 or so... just in time for lunch, then in theory, Shyler should nap, then he goes down. So we do spend a lot of time at home. But like today I had to mail some things and we didn't get home until 11 so after a snack he wasn't asleep until 11:20. He's pretty flexible. He also doesn't sleep through the night which is sad, but hard to fix without having Shyler screaming back at him... or having her in our room which is most nights. We'll figure it out one day. Tim is excited to have a nice long vacation! He only has to work tomorrow then has 10 days off!!!! We are excited to have him home too! He has also been enjoying figuring out our new computer! We got a mac and love it, even though we don't even know its full potential but there are a lot of things we know it can do! We should try to make a movie!
Well Merry Christmas to all!!!

We got a recent picture on Sunday of all of the cousins. L to R
Kimberly, Scarlette, Adam, Shyler, Ethan, and Calvin

Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween and Virginia

So I wasn't as good at blogging as I had hoped to be, but alas, here is another month of fun packed into one post. We had a great time running the 5k race. We didn't really get to run much to train for it since Tim had to go out of town so much, but we did ok and it was great weather. My mom watched the kids while we ran and then we enjoyed our traditional Silver Grille breakfast! We also made it the night before for the Homecoming parade. Shyler loved it and we also had fun at the bonfire and firework show. Something I thing they always do but was a first for us.

Soon it was Halloween and we had fun carving pumpkins! Adam tried to get in the guts, but it was too weird for him and Shyler prefered to sit back and watch. She was excited to be Sleeping Beauty and she was a pro at the trunk or treats. She was also very polite and said Happy Halloween, trick or treat and thank you. When it came time for the real deal she wasn't so sure about it. She even asked to go home... until she saw the 4 neighbor girls that are about 8-12 years old and she wanted to go with them, then she had a blast!!!!

Then we went on our trip to Virginia!!! We could have done some of our planning a little better but in the end it worked out that we went straight to DC and got a hotel for Wed night. We had left our house at 4 and Tim and Shyler were able to skip their connection and just stay in DC. I was on a flight into the other DC airport and got on a shuttle and we meet tim and Shyler at the hotel. That night the kids tried swimming in the pool and we drove in (our hotel was in Arlington) to see everything all lit up. Adam crashed in the car and had one of his best nights sleeping... ever! Then we woke up to the forecasted day of gloom and rain and went for it anyways!
Our hotel shuttled us to a metro station that we rode into town...

...and we walked through the rain to the monuments up close. Don't worry we were nice parents and bought the $11 umbrella so each kid had one and stayed dry. Not so much Tim and I. This is the back of the Lincoln memorial looking over the Potomac river towards Arlington... it doesn't even begin to show how much fun we had walking through the rain.

Tim and Shyler look so tiny! I knew it was big but it's still so crazy to see in person!
THe Washington Monument. We were also able to see the Vietnam and WWII memorials. We walked to Washington Monument, but it was too wet to get the camera out. Like most of that day. Sad.

The Smithsonians are so cool. We really didn't get to see all of them but we spent 3 hours inside the American History museum! We were sick of being wet and they had an really cool place for the kids both of them loved the spark lab! We also went inside the Air and Space museum which made Tim happy. Shyler however insisted that all of the rocket ships were airplanes, only mickey mouse has a rocket ship she said. (I think from one of the episodes she had seen, he goes in one)
The white house! Shyler was so excited to get to see this. Leading up to it she would see it or the Capital and say she was going to see it and she was so happy! Well she had fallen asleep for like 5 minutes but we woke her up so she could see it! We think she really liked the white house because we said that that is where the president is and she thought we said presents so she thought there were lots of different presents inside!!!
After our long day in DC and long trek back to the hotel to get the car we made the 2 hour drive to Richmond. We are so glad we didn't try to take a day trip up to see DC that would have been a real adventure!

Turns out I didn't get many of the pictures of Adam and Augustine, but these two little guys are only 5 weeks apart! It was fun to watch them play together, but I'm sure Andrea wasn't excited that Adam was showing him how to get in the kitchen cupboards and drawers and the dishwasher and how to climb upstairs. I have such a little trouble maker!

On Sat we went to Maymont to walk around. It is this really pretty place with gardens and Animals and the original "mansion" from the 1800's. Shlyer had fun seeing the animals including the bald eagle, the black bear and the buffalo scratching himself with a stick! That was funny. They also had farm animals too!

Tim and Shyler walking around the Japenese garden, there's Luke looking around too
As we were leaving we had fun trying to do a family picture. Of course it's hard with 2 small children, but it was too hard to pass up the beautiful scenery of the fall leaves!

We didn't do much other sightseeing, but it was exhausting enough trying to tote the two of them around when we did. They were great sports and we are so glad we got to go and spend so much time with our friends and celebrate Andrea's birthday with her! Oh I almost forgot about the yummy cupcakes she got! I had a delicious pumpkin one and Tim got a yummy chocolate chip one. They were from one of those cool cupcakeries!

Happy Birthday Andrea and thank you so much for having us and feeding us and letting us stay with you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

So way back when I only had one kid I wondered what was with my friends of multiple kids. Blogging is fun, why can't they blog once a week like I do? Now fast forward to my life now and I see why. It's not that I don't like to, I really actually do, but I feel like I am always folding laundry, cleaning up the kitchen or feeding Adam! It is crazy! But we are still here and doing well! We are surviving Shyler and her 2 year old tantrums and the days she feels she doesn't need a nap. Adam is pretty much a 2 a day napper which means he naps we eat lunch Shyler naps we have about an hour and then Adam naps again! FUN!!! So on some days when I didn't get a shower the night before I bribe Shyler with M
ickey Mouse so I can shower or put away the laundry or we just play!
I misplaced my camera for half of Sept. but we have had some fun over the last 2 months! It was not fun having my husband gone on business for pretty much those 2 weeks! I'm glad there are not really any trips planned for a while. The kids and I all go a little crazy!

Miller Farm... I just got these off of Tiffany's blog because most of the time she held Adam for me while he slept on her and I did a lot more picking since she was about to leave for her trip. Shyler loved getting dirty and playing with Madi!

Adam and his first bloody nose, he slipped while crawling on the kitchen floor
The family battle, the buffs may have won, but Rams are still better
Little Miss Scarlette
Calvin and Shyler swinging at the park for his 3rd birthday
Adam LOVES the swing
Ethan and his first try at the swing
Mini- representers
We went with Tiffany and Madi to the Miller Farm. It was so much fun to harvest our own vegetables! We got so dirty, but it was fun. We even had fun running into some friends from Fort Collins!
I love that Adam is a big boy now and bath time is so much shorter!!! They have fun together in the bath!
Mr. A has gone from scooching to crawling to pulling up to realizing he can use this walker to walk across the living room! He is such a big boy!
In the kitchen he loves to push around and climb over the high chair. One day he pushed it down the stairs! (on Tim's watch)
Jeannette and Kimberly, so cute!
Last weekend we went to the Air Force vs. CSU football game with our friends Tyler and Shannon. It was a lot of fun and the kids were pretty good. Shyler's favorite parts included the bouncy slide and swings they had brought in because it was kids day, and she also liked the men falling out of the plane (parachuter's landing onto the field). The fly over was also pretty good. It was not fun to watch the Rammies get beat up most of the game, but the forth quarter was pretty good minus the fact that it was the end of the game and we lost.

Tim and Shyler (no clue who that lady is)
CSU actually about to score. We loved that Tyler got free tickets from his work right on the 50 yard line about 25 rows up! It was sweet! Thanks Tyler!
Always a ram fan!
Lots of snacks were involved but we had fun!

Maybe I'll be less than a month before my next post. We have a lot to look forward to. This weekend is the annual CSU homecoming weekend and we are going to try to go to the parade and then run the 5k. This is my 5th in a row!!! Then Halloween!!!! Then our trip to visit my friend Andrea and Luke and their little one for her birthday!!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

where to begin....

Happy 4th of July
Ok so it has only been a month and a half... I can't really even say that we've been that busy, just busy with the day to day stuff mostly. Although, there has been a lot happening around here and with our family! Shortly after our last post our 2 nieces were born, one on June 30, and the next one the day after! That was crazy so there are now 4 cousins within 5 months of each other. It is already so fun to do family gatherings and we can't wait to watch them grow and be best buds and to have absolute craziness at the Miller house during family gatherings!

Shyler is little Miss Princess and really really is into dressing up in her tutu and dress up shoes and listening to Princess music, or "temple music", also known as Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (F YI- she did that all on her own). She loves the princess movies and is quite the couch potato if we let her and will watch the whole movie or mickey mouse. She is still very much into touching Adam and of course being a big helper even when she's not needed. She is very silly sometimes and when she's not driving me crazy she makes me laugh!

She also fell asleep on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, she went to get a tissue and this is how I found her...

Adam is Mr. Crawler. He is doing a modified army crawl and rolling everywhere. He loves remotes and phones even more than Shyler did if that is at all possible. He's eating more solids and recovering from his hernia surgery and doing pretty well. It was hard to leave him with his nurse but it all worked out fine. He came out of surgery and sounded like he did the day he was born... his little sheep baa-ing. He is not the best sleeper and wakes me up to eat around 3:30 and then wakes up at 6 mostly because he wants to be held or something, that is the conclusion we've come up with. But then we fall asleep until around 7 or 7:30 if I'm really lucky... I miss the days of sleeping until 8 even... One day it will come!

Just chillin in the bath. After his surgery we have had to give him 20 minute baths 4 times a day! That's a lot of bath time!
Ready to go in wearing his little gown

Last week Tim and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! My mom came down and watched the kids and we had a picnic in the park for lunch and played catch. Then we went downtown to the Chophouse for dinner. It was so good! Tim got a steak and I got a ginormous burger with the best ever sweet potato fries! That was my favorite part. We were going to get Coldstone for old times sakes, but I couldn't even think of eating one more thing, but at least Tim got some ice cream at home!
Family picnic in the park after our anniversary picnic in the park

So that is most of our crazy life in a nut shell! We are looking forward to cooler weather and fun times together as a family and for me to not go crazy with 2 kids home all day with me!

Friday, June 25, 2010

At the aquarium!

First of all, it is officially summer, it is hot, we have no a/c and poor little Adam gets so hot! He won't give up the swaddle just yet so I do my "summer swaddle" and leave his legs out. He's so silly, but he is doing great most days when I just lay him down for a nap. He hardly screams and when he does it is only for a couple of minutes. Nothing compared to Shyler, who would scream for 20 minutes sometimes. Cross my fingers that he keeps it up! We also had to take out the bumper after I went in and found him rolled over on his tummy still wrapped with his face in the corner... just a little scary! Most of the time he can get his arms out though, and we are trying to phase out the swaddle with our little wiggle worm!

We love our friends Joe and Tiffany, we also love that they got passes to the zoo and aquarium and invite us to go along. Shyler loves Madi and they play well together and have such fun, so this trip to the aquarium was pretty fun. Even Adam seemed to like looking at the fish!

Adam loved being a big boy sitting in the front of the stroller and seeing everything, especially since Shyler wouldn't sit in it since Madi wasn't in one. It worked though.

Tiffany, Shyler, Madi, and Grandma Angie (Tiffany's mom) checking out the fish!With the pass they get to get a face painting, Shyler picked a pink turtle! Can you tell she was into pink that day. It flip flops between pink and purple and sometimes blue!
Madi got a pink monkey on her leg. Neither of them were too excited for the airbrush machine to spray it on, but they survived and Shyler wouldn't stop talking about it!!!! She can't wait to get another one!
We are just trying to stay cool and busy. Some days we just have so much to do around the house, but we have been keeping busy for sure! We do love playing with our friends though! Shyler needs to bug someone besides Adam and I need adult conversation!!!!