Thursday, September 17, 2009

IT'S A...

It's a BOY!!!!!!!
We had our 20 week ultrasound today and we are excited to share that we are having a boy! It took about 2 seconds on the screen to see him showing himself off we could tell right away. He was very cooperative and the technician got great shots and we got to see all of his perfect little parts! Amanda's mom watched Shyler during our visit since it was during nap time and when we got home she was teaching her how to say brother... sounds like bra- der, so cute!!!

He looks like he is blowing a bubble if you look close enough. We had fun watching him swim around and kick A LOT! He is an active little guy and is practicing for when he gets out and has to keep up with his sister.

Here I am at 20 weeks. I feel big and comparing to when I was pregnant with Shyler I am bigger and have gained a little more faster. Hopefully I don't gain a ton more. Luckily I am feeling well and not too much is happening except for getting full fast, so sad when something is so tasty! I have gotten over the super tired phase as well, but I do love my sleep!

We can't forget about our little princess, the other day she was so tired she fell asleep on me at like 11am before lunch and so I just put her in bed. She slept for 2 hours and then was ready for lunch. She has also been doing very well in her big girl bed. She stays in it for the most part, even at night when she doesn't want us to leave she will stand up and cry a little but then will lay down and go to sleep eventually. Hopefully that is not a jinx on us, and she keeps it up. In the morning we love that she gets up and knocks on the door and calls for us! Soon she'll be able to reach the knob, but for now we love the knock!

Sporting a fresh bang trim and an old hat from when her Great Grandpa Irwin ran for state legislature. She just loves hats!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A little of this and a little of that....

So I haven't posted in a while because I didn't think we had much to talk about, but then we had a super busy weekend and have lots to share!!!!

Starting on Thursday night we started painting our family room. We have slowly been going room by room painting and this was one of the last big ones we really wanted to do. We are almost done making it look pretty but the paint job alone is great! It is the same colors that are in the living room and kitchen because we figured it was all kind of open to each other and we wanted a nice flow. For those of you that have been in our house we also re-arranged too!

We have a kid, can you tell? We want to get those little bins to put in those 4 little cubby holes in the entertainment center. We also want to get slip covers for the couch and recliner so it will match a little better and new blinds for the window.

This wall had 3 wood shelves that we took down and patched up.

The view from the kitchen table

On Sat. I had to work, but Tim wanted to get out and enjoy our beautiful mountains. They left at 6:30 and drove to the top of Mt. Evans!

The Moon at 6:30 am

The mountain goats
Shyler sitting at the official marker, her first 14'er

Our little monkey mountain climber!

GO RAMS!!!! We can't forget that we had a fun Sunday night watching the Rams beat the Buffs!

On Monday we finished out a long weekend with a trip to A Taste of Colorado. We love going and enjoying the variety of food and looking around. We went with Tim's sister Karen and his mom and dad. We enjoyed a tasty buffalo burger along with a few other treats!

Shyler liked the ear of corn she split with her daddy

But, she LOVED the snow cone she got to split with her mommy, well more like took over!

Our final event of the long weekend involved the purchase of Shyler's new bed! She fell out of her crib last week and has been trying to climb out for a while. So after lots of thinking and a chat with her pediatrician we decided on a twin bed on the floor for now. We kept her up late while we set it up and washed her new sheets. Then I had to stay in there with her until she fell asleep. She slept all night and did really well and is super excited to have a new bed! She kept pointing at it while we were re-arranging her room and the bed was downstairs. We also rearranged so that when our next little one comes there will be a spot ready for the crib to go back.
Shyler also got her 18 month check up this week and what a surprise she is where she always is in the percentiles.
34 1/2" ~ 97 %
23 lb 5 oz ~ 25%
She is still our tall skinny girl!!!

Big yawn for the big girl!