Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our new bathroom

Ever since we moved in we have not liked our bathroom, so for our 4th of July we bribed Tyler with a steak Bar-b-que and had him and Shannon come help us remodel our bathroom. We disliked the maroon counter top, wallpaper border and the rusted sink, and Tim really didn't like the shower doors. So out they all came and in came a new vanity, sink, counter top, medicene cabinet, low-flow efficient toilet, and shower rod.

We forgot the camera before we started tearing stuff out, so this is actually from last year before we moved in.
So you really can't see much in this pic, just that there are 2 doors and it was painted an off white and that the shower doors were framed in gold.

Ta da!!!! Here it is now! We ended up getting a white vanity, countertop/sink combo, and painted the trim white. We also added nickle brushed towel rods and already had the shower curtain that goes with the brushed look.

We are loving it 10 times more than before, and are so grateful for the Read's for their help with our project.

Not much is going on with our family. Shyler got to play with her cousin on the 4th of July when they came over for dinner and she has been getting used to the idea of her little swimming pool in the backyard. She really loves putting her suit on but is still getting used to the idea of swimming.

Tommorow is Tim's parents anniversary and we want to let them know how happy we are for them. They have been married for 30 years and we look up to them so much for the great example they are to us. They are enjoying a long weekend spending time together and doing stuff in Denver they don't normally do. On Sat they took Shyer and Calvin to the zoo!!! They all had a blast!

After a long morning at the zoo then we took Shyler to a wedding. She wasn't really into the whole ceremony, she thought playing in the trees and grass was more exciting, she liked the food at the reception, and she loved playing with the other little ones on the dance floor, but we are going to try harder to find her a babysitter for the next wedding we go to! We did think she looked pretty cute in her dress she finally got to wear that she got for her birthday from Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Karen.