Thursday, January 09, 2014

Life keeps on going

I feel like every time I post I should have a few pictures. I think it makes it more interesting, I guess… So i got my pictures downloaded and while I have at least one sleeping twin I thought I would try to keep my life of pretty much the same old stuff updated.

Also, I guess it should be noted and updated that since the last blog of Cori pooping in the tub and Peyton screaming in the middle of the night, we had Peyton poop and Peyton shift from screaming in the middle of the night to right when we laid him down. I'm not sure which is better since both still involve full on screaming, but I think right at bed time is better because at least it's not my bedtime. The other night he was going at it and Tim and I kept debating about going in to check on him. And just to note, we do usually check on him, it is just that he is the type of baby that will either scream and eventually fall asleep or you have to hold him for like half an hour to calm him, and rock him to sleep and then lay him down and I am not about starting that habit! So, on this particular night he had been going for awhile, and I did check on him after about 15 min, by about 40 min we heard Cori wake up and start to fuss a little, then they both promptly stopped and went to sleep and slept all night! It was so crazy and we really think it was Cori's way of telling him to stop and go to bed! I'll take it! Maybe next time she can try that after just 10!

We did end up painting! Shyler was excited to try out the color wonder paint set she got. Cori missed most of the painting because she was just too cranky, I had to put her down for a nap at like 10. Shealso didn't seem to like these paints because they were clear and she didn't think she had anything on her brush. It would appear on the paper, but it wasn't fast enough for her!

Peyton seemed to be tired of the paintbrush so I pulled out the paint. I realized we didn't have finger paint and that he would probably do better with finger paint, it washes better that's for sure!

I remember last time I posted about Shyler and the figurines that she wanted for…gasp…full price, well we held to our promise and last week we ventured to the mall and had Tim meet us after work. I had a great time shopping the clearance at old navy (2 regular shirts, a drift work out shirt, and pj pants for $15!?!?! I was pretty excited and happy to shop!) and then the kids loved walking through the Disney store. The funny thing is she was so set on a Jake and the Neverland Pirates set and she saw the frozen sets and completely forgot about Jake. when she decided she wanted the figurines Tim tried to point out the difference between what she wanted at Kohls and what she was getting at the Disney store, but I think she was too excited to have frozen dolls! I think she gets it a little, but she is almost 6.
Adam was pretty excited to get figurines from the movie Planes. We walked around the Build a Bear store and they both wanted bears, of course, and we were like sorry, you don't have any money and you don't really need another bear right now. They were pretty good about that and then we were on our way! On our way home I was going to stop at Target, but as I was driving and looking at the beautiful day outside we decided to stop at a fun park by Tim's sister's house. The wind was blowing and you could feel the cold front coming in, but the kids didn't care and had such a blast playing and running around! Little miss c and mr p loved climbing up the steps and riding down the big tall slides! 

I couldn't get enough of the sun rays reflecting on the eastern horizon as it was getting close to sunset! It was so pretty to me!!!

And then it snowed!!! And got cold!!!!

Shyler and Adam spent an hour playing the snow! It was nice, and I can't wait for the babies to realize playing in the snow is fun! 

I really like the sun… but I couldn't believe how crazy it looked a few mornings later as the sun was trying to break through the fog and clouds! 

Such a big helper! She loves that she has her own vacuum. Actually, Peyton and Cori, both got a vacuum for Christmas, Peyton's even came as a part of a whole set and so there are many fights over the broom and mop and dustpan. I just hope they remember how much they love to clean and help!!!

Cori is little miss independent. She wants to do what everyone else is doing and to do it for herself. So when we were eating animal crackers for snack and she saw me dip… she had to dip. When I put peanut butter on top… she had to have some too. When I had fajitas with queso and chips… she had to have a chip and to dip it in my queso. She is very insistent too. When it comes time to go somewhere she wants to pick out her shoes and jacket, and she also likes to pick out her own pajamas and outfits for the day. 

This picture is from today. I was unloading the groceries and she decided to sneak around the car. Somehow she found a blow pop, took the wrapper off and thought she was so sneaky! She wasn't too happy when I took it away though! Both babies were pretty cute at the store though… they insisted on helping the checker by handing them items from the cart! Cute! They are getting so big!

Lucky for Peyton I think he is getting better at his screaming, or he is finally letting his exhaustion get the best of him. he only cried for a few min last night! Now he needs to do a better job of napping again. He went right to sleep today, but only slept for 1 hour! Then after he wakes up he screams! There is no point in leaving him in there to fall back to sleep like Cori would, he just stands in the corner with his blanket and his sippy and whatever stuffed animal he has and he screams! I really think it is crazy how she seems to need more sleep and usually has always napped better and slept longer. I wish I would have had the two girls together so I could get a nice consistent long nap together… oh well, at least I still get nap time! 

Tomorrow is Tim's birthday! I can't wait to celebrate! We get to go out to dinner with a special thanks to my mom for babysitting. He gets to go skiing on sat and then on sun his family is coming over to watch the Broncos game and have his favorite, beef stroganoff! And then I may go crazy because he has a business trip, yay! 

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